Choosing Business Entities in Texas – Practical Strategies for Liability Protection and Streamlined Growth

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Produced on: July 24, 2017

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Time 60 minutes
Difficulty Intermediate

When it comes to choosing an entity type for a new business venture, a new line of revenue, or a single-purpose vehicle, it is very important to understand the difference between the available entities and choose wisely. The selection of an appropriate entity can determine the ease of a company’s future governance, affect owner (and entity) liability to third parties, dictate tax implications to the owners, and impact other key aspects of running the business.

This course will be taught by David Denney, founder of Denney law group and advisor to many startups and growing businesses, and will examine practical strategies for entity selection in business startup and growth in Texas, as well as provide a basic framework for choosing an entity based on the kind of business the company is likely to be doing.   

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Understand the various business entity types available in Texas, and discuss differences between corporations, LLCs, partnerships, and others
  2. Identify the pros and cons of various business entities, depending on type of business the client wishes to conduct
  3. Know how to effectively utilize multiple entities in concert to minimize liability to third parties


David T. Denney

The Law Offices of David T. Denney, PC.

Professional Experience 

Mr. Denney's practice encompasses both corporate transactions and business litigation. Prior to forming the firm in early 2007, David practiced with Vial, Hamilton, Koch & Knox, LLP, where he was a member of the Litigation and Corporate Transaction Practice Groups, and where he later founded and chaired the Food, Beverage and Hospitality Practice Group.

Corporate Transactions

Mr. Denney's corporate practice is focused on developing and growing both new and existing businesses. He counsels businesses by advising them on (among other things):

• corporate formation, structure and general governance issues;

• growth strategies;

• contract drafting and negotiation;

• merger and acquisition activities from letter of intent through definitive agreement;

• development of internal policies and procedures;

• employment matters; and

• drafting and/or negotiation of franchise agreements.

Business Litigation

Mr. Denney’s litigation practice encompasses most facets of business-related litigation, including:

• complex commercial and trade secret litigation;

• contractual disputes;

• ownership disputes; and

• real estate litigation.


John W.

Pretty basic but good review

Otis C.

Good recap of whys and why nots of various business entities...and it was for Texas (hallelujah!)

Thomas T.

Excellent course - thank you!

Rebekah D.

Thank you

Kadra A.

This program was extremely useful and interesting. Really enjoyed it. Thanks!

Cynthia G.

Loved this one!! Will come back to it often as I teach Business Law for a university!!!

John H.

Good presentation. Well organized and thoughtful.

Claude D.

Very informative


Excellent and thorough presentation. Should be shown in law school.

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