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Challenging Arbitration Awards in Court

1h 1m

Created on May 17, 2012



Join Attorney Dan Abrams as he discusses the law of arbitration  from a historical perspective and from the personal perspective of an experienced practitioner.  Mr. Abrams reviews the main reasons for arbitration and provides a summary of the law of arbitration under the Federal Arbitration Act ("FAA").  He then discusses some of the pre-award challenges to arbitration, such as moving to stay an arbitration before it starts, and moving in the middle of an arbitration for interim relief. Further, Mr. Abrams explains the statutory and non-statutory grounds for vacatur under the FAA. Mr. Abrams goes through the abstract considerations of arbitration, like public policy, as well as practical aspects of arbitration, such as when to file a motion.  Finally, Mr. Abrams ends with practice pointers for attorneys to consider when deciding  whether and how to challenge an arbitration award in court.


Learning Objectives:

I.              What the main reasons for arbitration are

II.            What the limited but critical role courts play in arbitration

III.           Exploring the statutory grounds for Vacatur  

IV.          What the public policy considerations are

V.           Reviewing useful practice pointers 

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