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Careful Steps to Take When You Have an IRS Eggshell Audit

1h 3m

Created on December 08, 2016




This course defines an eggshell audit and why an eggshell audit is extremely important when a potential client has criminal exposure. It reviews the various professional client privileges, including the Kovel Accountant, because it is important to understand how these privileges may impact an eggshell audit.

Knowing the facts that could trigger an eggshell audit is critical. This course informs attorneys on how to prepare for such a possibility, including what a trained IRS Revenue Agent may see that could cause a criminal investigation referral.

The course explains indicators that a revenue agent may be looking to refer a client's case to criminal investigation. It also covers tips on how to respond to IRS inquiries and what to do when the IRS demands to directly interview the client or requests an extension of the statute of the limitations.

Besides learning how to represent a client when confronted with an eggshell audit, viewers will learn whether an immediate return amendment is in the best interest of the client when errors are uncovered. Just as important, attorneys will learn how to protect themselves from any professional harm while representing this type of client. 

Learning Objectives: 
  1. Learn what an eggshell audit is, what audit triggers to watch for, and how to respond properly to IRS eggshell audit inquiries
  2. Understand how to represent Eggshell Audit clients and hopefully get a favorable client result

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