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Captive Insurance: What Accountants & Attorneys Need to Know


Created on September 26, 2013


Captive Insurance is an insurance company that you (the insured) own and control.  Join David Kotowski and attorney Samuel Weiner as they discuss what captive insurance is and how it can be leveraged to maximize a client’s portfolio. Mr. Kotowski and Mr. Weiner begin by discussing the history of Captive Insurance, its use in the market, and how it can be utilized to maximize profit. Next, they explain different captive structures. Finally, Mr. Kotowski and Mr. Weiner will conclude by dissecting the relationship between captives and estate planning along with summarizing the entire process.

Learning Objectives:

I.    Summarize the history of Captives

II.   Predict a good prospect for Captives

III.  Analyze Captive Insurance case studies

IV.  Understand the relationship with Captives and Estate Planning

V.   Summarize the Captive process


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