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Can Attorneys Help Secure the Internet of Things?

1h 2m

Created on August 29, 2017




The Internet of Things (IoT) is growing at a dizzying pace with 21 Billion connected devices projected to be in use by 2020.

Criminal hackers have already commandeered IoT devices, used them as a gateway to enter and attack enterprise networks, and leveraged them en masse to strike at the underlying infrastructure of the Internet. Market forces and existing rules and regulations simply haven't kept up and the nature of the connected device market makes effective technical solutions extremely difficult without additional measures to support them. Attorneys can help make those measures a reality.

Lawyer and information security consultant Scott Aurnou will discuss the rapidly growing ecosystem of IoT devices and the risks that come with it. He will provide a background of how connected devices typically work, outline common security issues affecting them, talk about the difficulties in addressing these issues effectively, and discuss attorneys' potential to play a key part in mitigating those risks.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand the vast scope and breadth of the Internet of Things in modern society
  2. Learn about the current state of security of IoT devices
  3. Examine the risks associated with insecure connected devices
  4. Analyze the obstacles facing technological solutions to secure IoT devices
  5. Identify the role attorneys can play in mitigating the risks presented by insecure connected devices

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