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Campaign Finance Overview for the 2016 Elections

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The 2016 elections are just around the corner. Many companies, associations, nonprofit organizations and individuals will be involved. Yet, there are significant pitfalls that can lead to expensive investigations, high fines and penalties, and, often worst of all, serious damage to an organization’s reputation. This course, presented by Ronald Jacobs and Margaret Rohlfing, of Venable’s Political Law Group, explains how to be involved and compliant.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify state and federal contributions limits
  2. Understand the campaign finance restrictions that apply to organizations and how they support candidates
  3. Discuss political action committees and how they allow companies to be involved in the political process
  4. Grasp political disclosure law as they apply to political activities at the state and federal levels
  5. Recognize how individuals and organizations can host events to support candidates
  6. Address the issue of efforts by shareholders and outside interest groups to restrict or require disclosure of political activities by companies

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