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California Athlete Agency Law: Keeping Athletes & Agents On the Field (Audio Only)

1h 23m

Created on November 25, 2019




Athlete agency law hasn't gone through rapid, real impact changes like this in decades. Turn on any cable sports and business show and you'll find athlete agency law is constantly being discussed. Whether a lawyer wants to join a college athletic department, counsel student-athletes on scholarships & amateur eligibility, or review pro contracts, this course provides the knowledge required to understand the obligations.

Presented by Brian Brunkow, a Seattle-based California and Washington-licensed attorney, this course will cover key topics such as critical sports agency regulations, best practices for vetting sports agents, non-agent lawyer "do's and don'ts" in negotiations, and current state law trends taking power and control away from the NCAA.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Examine federal, state, NCAA, and university sports agency rules
  2. Counsel clients on sports agency selection
  3. Identify the lawyer's role in sports law
  4. Analyze the growing power struggle between the NCCA and states concerning amateur athletes, endorsement money, and agent representation

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