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Building a Law Practice Brick by Brick

1h 8m

Created on May 06, 2016



Lawline faculty members and attorneys Cari Rincker, Harlan York, and Daniel Gershburg return for an earnest, no holds barred presentation about what it takes to open the doors to your law practice and keep them open.


They explain everything from the necessity of malpractice insurance to what it really means to serve clients in today's changing legal landscape. Using their own experience to illustrate how rapidly things change in the "business of law," Cari, Harlan, and Daniel provide insights into how you can build a practice to be proud of.


Learning Objectives:

I.     Understand how to decide to start your own practice

II.    Grasp the various approaches for doing so (virtual office/brick and mortar)

III.   Identify common problems and effective solutions for helping you maximize your chance of success

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