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Brownfields Redevelopment: Liability Protection and Business Environmental Considerations


Created on October 31, 2019




The redevelopment of brownfields properties involves a combination of liability protection, risk assessment and management, and a technical understanding of remediation alternatives and voluntary cleanup programs.  Lisa Goodwin, Environmental Team Leader of Hirschler, provides practical advice for ensuring that potential purchasers do not become liable for pre-existing contamination at a property, for understanding how developing brownfields properties may involve increased costs, and how voluntary cleanup programs can be viable options.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Provide an overview of brownfields and how to protect potential purchasers from environmental liability
  2. Discuss due diligence considerations
  3. Recognize potential liability pitfalls during environmental due diligence
  4. Convey potential business risks involved in redeveloping a brownfields site
  5. Explain risk assessment tools including examples relating to contaminated soil and vapor intrusion
  6. Become familiar with voluntary cleanup programs and grant programs to assist with brownfields redevelopment

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