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Breaking Up with the Billable Hour

1h 5m

Created on December 06, 2022





Practicing lawyers have long felt the pain of the traditional billing model – counting value in 6-minute increments, rather than in expertise and results. Fed up with the status quo, ADVOS Legal decided to re-design and reward hard-won efficiency and ability to satisfy clients with predictable, no-nonsense invoicing.

Gwen Griggs, Managing Director of ADVOS Legal, and Whitney Harper, Chief Executive - Operations of ADVOS Legal, have built a business that's more profitable, easier to manage, and offers more freedom than ever before. In this program, they will share their methods of success without the use of billable hours by providing the structure and framework to help lawyers break up with the billable hour method. 

Learning Objectives:

  1. Analyze the current structure and drawbacks of billable hours

  2. Determine if subscription-based pricing is right for you and your firm 

  3. Discuss considerations when changing to and/or utilizing a subscription-based model

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