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Beyond the Trash Bin: Proper Disposal of Electronic Data

1h 2m

Created on January 15, 2019





Organizations create, store, and use electronic data in enormous volume and variety. But when this data becomes, for example, obsolete or inaccessible, it may become a liability rather than an asset. For all these reasons – including those imposed by new regulatory regimes such as the California Consumer Privacy Act or the GDPR – there may be circumstances when data should be minimized or disposed of. This webinar will examine the challenges posed by "old" data and how that data might be disposed of without regulatory or litigation-related risk.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Appreciate volumes and varieties of electronic data that are maintained by organizations and why such data is maintained
  2. Discuss circumstances that might make data of little or no value, and the risks of maintaining that data
  3. Recognize how privacy and security concerns have led to regulations about data storage and disposal and what these regulations may require
  4. Suggest processes that enable organizations to dispose of data in a defensible manner

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