Best Practices in Jury Selection

Production Date: July 19, 2017 Practice Areas: Litigation Estimated Length: 3875 minutes


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Jury selection, while governed by statutes and procedure, is as much art as law. How can you identify jurors who will be sympathetic to your case, while also establishing the rapport necessary to engage them with your narrative of events? Understanding your jurors as people first and foremost is key to humanizing your client to the jury.

This program, taught by Managing Attorney of the Russo & Toner Buffalo office Florina Altshiler, an experienced trial lawyer, will introduce you to concepts of juror psychology, and how to use these concepts to your benefit. The course offers practical guidance on voir dire tactics, including best practices in interviewing jurors, introducing your case during jury selection, and avoiding objections to your selections and challenges. 

Learning Objectives: 
  1. Understand principles of juror psychology and best practices for Voir Dire
  2. Develop a game plan for jury selection
  3. Detect and eliminate bias in the jury pool

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