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Best Practices for Representing A Client in the IRS Audit Process

1h 10m

Created on June 09, 2020




This insightful course, presented by tax attorney Dewey Golkin, will review the basics of IRS Practice and Procedure and provide best practices for effectively representing a client during the IRS audit process. Mr. Golkin will discuss the best approaches for meeting the various requirements of an audit and will also walk through the mechanisms of the appeals process. Other important topics to be discussed include critical statutory deadlines, the significance of a Notice of Deficiency, and important considerations to be mindful of when practicing in the Tax Court.

Learning Objectives :

  1. Develop strategies to enable you to properly and effectively represent your clients during every stage of the audit process 

  2. Gain an understanding of an attorney's rights and obligations in the IRS audit process

  3. Review how to comply with audit requirements and important statutory deadlines

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