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Best Practices for Preparing the Asylum Application, Interview, and Hearing (Update)

1h 4m

Created on August 10, 2020





This program, taught by Ruby Powers, an immigration attorney with over a decade of asylum experience, will provide experienced practitioners with best practices in preparing the asylum application and supplemental materials to put your client's best case forward. The program will also cover asylum office-specific advice on preferences for filing deadlines and specific details of various asylum offices.

In addition to the application and supplemental materials, attorneys will learn how to prepare clients for the best asylum interview or immigration court hearing experience. The course will cover the three sections of the affirmative asylum interview, and best practices to prepare your client for a smooth experience in an already stressful process, including cross-examination by the trial attorney and the immigration judge. Practitioners will also learn techniques to formulate and anticipate questions so that your client will be prepared for the interview or hearing.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Determine the ideal components of an asylum application and additional supplement evidence
  2. Identify the best evidence needed for your client's case
  3. Analyze the three major sections of the asylum interview or hearing
  4. Prepare your client for the affirmative asylum interview or defensive asylum immigration hearing 

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