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Best Practices for Hiring and Onboarding Employees in New York

1h 16m

Created on November 08, 2017



Employers often overlook the legal requirements and intricacies involved with hiring and onboarding new employees. There are myriad laws in New York State and New York City that cover these processes and impose certain restrictions on employers.

In this course, Tannenbaum Helpern employment attorneys and partners, Andrew W. Singer and Jason B. Klimpl, will discuss best practices for mitigating the risks of unlawful discrimination claims during the hiring process and compliance with applicable legal requirements when integrating new employees into a company. Andrew and Jason will address what information employers should not seek or obtain from prospective employees; certain rules with respect to background checks; the forms that must be completed and the requirements when onboarding a new employee, and more.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Train hiring personnel on what questions employers can and cannot ask job applicants and employees
  2. Ensure compliance with certain background check rules and procedures
  3. Identify certain forms that must be completed by the employee and the employer during the onboarding process
  4. Develop and implement policies and practices to ensure businesses comply with rules governing the hiring and onboarding of employees

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