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Best Practices for Drafting, Negotiating, and Reviewing Lease Agreements in New Jersey


Created on May 08, 2018





One of the most important contracts one can come across as a lawyer is a lease agreement and in virtually every attorney's career he or she will encounter one (either to negotiate or to review in the case of an existing agreement) at some point. Therefore, understanding and negotiating lease agreements-residential and commercial-is an important topic of understanding for any practitioner.

Presented by Kenneth W. Biedzynski, Esq., this course will discuss the critical components of residential and commercial lease agreements including clauses affecting habitability, damages, exclusive uses, proportionate share, assignment, and, personal liability. Other issues to be discussed include the negotiation and drafting of lease agreements (both residential and commercial) and, in the case of commercial agreements, litigation concerns that can be anticipated if a lawsuit is filed.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Develop best practices for drafting, negotiating, and, reviewing lease agreements (both residential and commercial)
  2. Review laws applicable to both residential and commercial lease agreements
  3. Identify checklist of items to consider when drafting and negotiating both residential and commercial lease agreements
  4. Spot potential items of concern when reviewing existing lease agreements and discuss how to modify a lease agreement, if necessary

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