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Bankruptcy Considerations for Businesses

1h 6m

Created on October 04, 2019




For corporations facing insolvency, cash flow, and other business problems, bankruptcy can be a strategy for success, and there are a wealth of options for utilizing this strategy. This course, taught by bankruptcy attorney Wayne Greenwald, will present an array of bankruptcy and non-bankruptcy options to resolve a variety of business issues. It will also address Entrepreneur Rescue for those entities' owners.

The program will cover remedies for specific problems, including: total business failure; cash flow issues; tax debt; recapitalization; business-killing problems; problem assets; burdensome contracts and leases; shareholder litigation; litigation; and forgiveness of debt income. For each scenario, the course will also help attorneys identify who gets "saved": the business, the owner, or both. Finally, the presenter will discuss the pros, cons, and considerations for choosing bankruptcy or non-bankruptcy relief.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify common business issues that may call for bankruptcy solutions
  2. Review best practices in utilizing the appropriate bankruptcy strategy
  3. Advise clients on their best options for solving corporate debt problems
  4. Discuss Entrepreneur Rescue

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