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Avoiding Trust Account Terrors: How to Ethically and Effectively Manage a Lawyers Trust Account

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Created on March 25, 2021





In what realm are attorneys subject to the greatest risk of discipline? Quite often, investigations aren't triggered by lawyers playing fast and loose with the rules, but from the basic paper trail that is left by innocent mistakes made in management of an IOLA/IOLTA trust account. In spite of this clear and present danger, most lawyers are woefully unprepared by law school ethics courses to avoid the pitfalls of trust accounting.

This course will walk you through every major pitfall that you need to be aware of regarding use of your trust accounts. Practically speaking, when are attorneys at the greatest risk of committing an unknowing violation? What do these real-life examples look like? What simple procedures can be put in place to help attorneys avoid stress, time, and energy involved in managing a trust account so that we can focus on the practice of law and other aspects of law firm management? We will explore real-life horror stories in order to bring these rules to life and provide you with a full toolbox of trust account techniques you need to master - from advanced trust accounting software to basic bookkeeping techniques and office-wide best practices. 

This program will benefit any attorneys in private practice, especially solo practitioners, and small firm attorneys.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Review the rules of professional conduct governing use of attorney trust accounts
  2. Explore real-world cases of IOLA/IOLTA misuse and attorney discipline
  3. Use practical techniques and tools to avoid committing accidental violations - or even having to spend substantial time managing your account

If you would like to learn more about Nota, visit https://www.trustnota.com/lawline-demo

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