Avoiding Ethical Violations and Malpractice Suits (Update)

Production Date: September 25, 2015 Practice Areas: Ethics and Personal Injury and Negligence Estimated Length: 3607 minutes


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In this course, ethics expert and legal malpractice attorney Daniel Abrams shares his views on how lawyers can protect themselves and minimize their chances of being sued for malpractice or being subject to other ethical headaches. Here, Mr. Abrams covers the primary reasons why lawyers are sued, what plaintiffs’ legal malpractice lawyers are looking for in a lawsuit, the primary stages of a representation where lawyers get into trouble, and practical steps an attorney can take to minimize risk. This course is applicable to attorneys in all practice areas.   


Learning Objectives: 

I.   Identify what plaintiffs’ attorneys look for in a potential malpractice case

II.  Spot and avoid clients who are more trouble than they are worth

III. Understand how to decline representation within the parameters of the Ethics rules

IV. Use legal bills to strengthen the attorney-client relationship 

V.  Gain insight and miscellaneous tips to minimize risk 

Scott J.
Rochester, NY

Excellent course!

Michael J. L.
Plainfield, NJ

Again, an excellent concise summary of the issues. Thank you, Mr. Abrams.

Jacqueline K.
Eliot, ME

Keeping this handout for future reference - good stuff!

Tracy W.
Syracuse, NY

Excellent speaker & practical information.

Roberta B.
Chicago Heights, IL

Good concise explanations of pitfalls of representing clients

Ray A.
Charlotte, NC


Jeri W.
Castle Rock, CO

Good refresher course on ethics

Charles M.
Elkridge, MD

Excellent Program

David H.
New York, NY

some good insights

Fred J.
Cathlamet, WA

very clear, well-organized, and very practical information

Vasiliki N.
Lake Oswego, OR

Very helpful, practical session.

Michael B.
Seattle, WA

I thought it was very good; practical and practice issues were appreciated, without over discussing the rules.

Dean G.
Saint Paul, MN

Very nicely done!!

Rebecca S.
Lakewood, CO

I enjoyed the attorney's perspective since he represents malpractice plaintiff.s

Ann H.
Alexandria, VA

Content and presentation was very good.

Catharine E.
Raleigh, NC

This was very helpful, and presented in a clear, concise way.

Bradley S.
Cheshire, CT

Really well done and informative. Thank you for a very strong program!

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Quincy, IL

Nice informative presentation.

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Washington, DC

Very thorough!

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Paradise Valley, AZ

Very helpful presentation

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Arlington, LB

Very well done

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Sacramento, CA

Excellent presentation.

Melea B.
Tuckahoe, NY

Sound practical information. Good lecturer.

madeline b.
New York, NY


Ben H.
Sugar Land, TX

Excellent presentation...clear and concise.

Steven H.
Dallas, TX

So important! More real-life examples always, please.

Robyn B.
Pittsford, NY

Well spoken and great topic..

Gerard S.
North Collins, NY

Excellent course.

Anita A.
Tulsa, OK

Very informative presentation of important subject matter delivered in most respectful manner.

Charles W.
Houston, TX

Good overview.

James L.

very good

Matthew W.
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Barbara F.
Vassalboro, ME

Excellent presentation!

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Rockford, IL

Interesting and excellent advice.

Jose L.
Salt Lake City, UT

useful info

John T.
Sandy, UT

Excellent info.

Eric S.
Boulder, CO


Tracy B.
Newfields, NH

Nice practical tips

Rosario P.
Oak Park, IL

Dan does a good job on all of his presentations

Kelton P.
American Fork, UT

Presented with great clarity

Andre W.
Chicago, IL

This was absolutely informative and will prove quite useful. Thank you!

Matthew O.
Cleveland, OH

Format was easy to use and presentation was concise.

Robert M.
Dallas, TX


Sandra S.
Buffalo Grove, IL

Very valuable information for all attorneys, and very well presented!

Peter P.
Chicago, IL

One of the better Ethics courses; very straightforward, pragmatic. Well done.

Michell B.
Magnolia, TX

Great program. He made things very clear.

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Madison, CT

Well done, practical and relevant

Doug Q.
Houston, TX

well done

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Somers, NY

Very informative

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San Diego, CA

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Arlington, VA

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Jacksonville, FL

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Good tips for retainers and disengagement letters.

Norman S.
Glen Cove, NY

good course

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Raleigh, NC

Very practical advice.

Andrew P.
Lawndale, CA

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Yonkers, NY

Very good lecture and helpful to everyday practice

Old Westbury, NY


Tracie R.
Astoria, NY

Very practical information!

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Houston, TX

good balanced presentation

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Fullerton, CA

This course was interesting to watch and I learned from it. Thank you.

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Raleigh, NC

Superb presentation

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West Palm Beach, FL

One of the more interesting presentations that I have viewed thus far on Lawline.

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Bedford, TX

Great presentation!

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Houston, TX

best course of the bundle. Good for any and every attorney to learn.

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Riverhead, NY

Practical, useful advice.

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Good primer course.

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Columbus, GA

Very practical program with good information and reminders.

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Annapolis, MD

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Wilmington, NC

clear, simple, great for a new attorney

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Longmont, CO

Great program on client relationships

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Port Ludlow, WA

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New York, NY

The course was clear, concise and well-presented. I found it to be very helpful.

George A.
East Northport, NY

knowledgeable presenter

Michael F.
Denton, TX

Particularly liked the written outline detail.

Michael B.
Port Chester, NY

Very helpful pointers about the kinds of clients to avoid and the most common causes of actions.

Steven B.
Saint James, NY

good course

James T.
Troy, MI

Very good

Manhattan, NY

Very clear and great advice.

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Omak, WA

good course on legal malpractice avoidance.

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Skokie, IL

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Coral Gables, FL

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Barbara R.
san francisco, CA

excellent course, worth while attending.

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Seattle, WA

Exactly what I wanted to learn more about.

Dwayne R.
Seattle, WA

Excellent presentation!

Los Angeles, CA

Excellent presentation.

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Pompano Beach, FL

This was a very informative course.

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San Francisco, CA

The reminder page on client selection was especially helpful.

James R. B.
alexandra, VA

Very good

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Arlington, MA

Keep upi the good work!

Elizabeth S.

knowledgeable and engaging speaker

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Brooklyn, NY

Good course, very practical.

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Richmond, VA

Great speaker. Engaging. Useful and practical information.

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Fairfax, VA

Excellent insight into "problem" clients.

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Wharton, TX

Excellent advice!

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Watsonville, CA

This was very informative!

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Waynesboro, VA

A very good job presenting ideas and thoughts on avoiding problems with clients (and ulcers!)

David G.
Savoy, IL

I thought this presentation was very good. It held my attention and was at just the right level of detail for my needs.

Clarence S.
Bozeman, MT

Excellent course.

Lawrence C.
New Hyde Park, NY

Very well done.

Roger W.
Las Vegas, NV

Good practical and common sense suggestions for client interaction.

Jeffrey D.
Severn, MD

Thank you!


I thought he was very informative. And cover many errors for an attorney to be aware of to prevent.

david m.
Williamsburg, VA

one of the very best lectures. Thank-you

Jessica F.
Kissimmee, FL

Good program

Senna A.
Springfield, VA

Engaging speaker for this update on ethics

Cynthia W.
Austin, TX

Great overview!

John M.
Jensen Beach, FL

One of his examples fit a case I once had with result he described

Valerie M.
Clearwater, FL

I was surprised to have enjoyed this one! Also material timely was looking at a concurrent representation related issues. This one should have a star. I liked his listening to clients one too.

Timothy N.
Irvine, CA

very informative.

Kevin M.
Glen Allen, VA

very good practical advice

Rebekah D.
Dallas, TX

Thank you

Russell B.
Norfolk, VA

This was a well formatted course with an experienced presenter. Mr. Abrams was Outstanding ! Russell Brahm, Norfolk, VA

Mary H.
Arlington, VA

Great presentation and guidance.

Cole C.
Salt Lake City, UT

I couldn't agree more than with his list of clients NOT to take. Good insight. Wish I watched this 5 years ago.

Louise B.
Aroma Park, IL

good program with practical information

John M.
Manhattan, NY

Practical, pragmatic

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Leesburg, VA

Excellent - well presented.

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Valencia, CA

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Salem, VA

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Lake Ozark, MO

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Pleasant Valley, NY

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Marietta, GA

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Mark R.
Manhattan, NY

A truly excellent presentation - one that I wish I had heard 35 years ago. Very practical advice as well as coverage of pertinent law.

Christian M.
Louisville, KY

best video of the 3 I have watched.....

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Tallahassee, FL

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Dallas, TX

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Bethel Park, PA

great course!

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Minnetonka, MN

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Cumming, GA

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Richmond, VA

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Park Ridge, IL

Very practical and helpful presentation. It was focused, organized and straightforward. Bravo!

richard m.
New York, NY

this was terrific pesentation

B.Casey Y.
Newport Beach, CA

Program useful for practical use in dealing with clients and minimizing potential risk of legal mal lawsuiits.

Donald S.
San Angelo, TX

He is good, keep him around.

William H.
Stony Brook, NY

Good review of ethics.

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Good, informative course.

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Mesa, AZ

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Cary, IL

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DeKalb, IL

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Chicago, IL

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Scottsdale, AZ

good point on selecting clients and avoiding those bargaining on fees at the onset

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winnetka, IL

great presentation

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Erie, PA

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Staten Island, NY

Should be viewed by lawyers to avoid malpractice claims and grievances.

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Barrington Hills, IL

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Sag Harbor, NY

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Niceville, FL

Every attorney needs the information in this course

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Saint Johns, FL

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Chicago, IL

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Best One Yet

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Golconda, IL

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efstathios k.
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nuts and bults of legal practice

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Arlinghton heights, IL

Excellent discussion of potential problems and precautions to be taken when representing clients!!

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Fort Covington, NY

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Nyack, NY

Pleasant manner. Experience-based advice.

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Orange, NJ

this was a very thorough lecture thank you

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Moab, UT

Everyone's least favorite topic but interesting nevertheless

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Thomasville, GA

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Thousand Oaks, CA

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melvin f.
Sarasota, FL

Would have good to hear more from Mr. Abrams. He's conversational, gives good information...helpful, practical stuff we all must keep in mind. Very important content. Nice to have it so well codified.

Patricia C.
Westfield, NJ

very practical program

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Newport Beach, CA

An outstanding presentation touching on the basic principles of how to avoid malpractice claims.

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Orlando, FL

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Baltimore, MD

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Robert k.
Dallas, TX

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Jamestown, NC

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Springfield, VA

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Perry L.
Philadelphia, PA

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Houston, TX

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Wilmette, IL

This 1 hour is really excellent.

connie b.
Pleasantville, NY


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Hanover, PA

This fellow knows his subject, and a vital subject it is. Take an hour and see this presentation and take careful notes.

Mary F W.
Alexandria, VA

Excellent blend of general and specific examples.

Susan M. B.
Massapequa, NY

Very well presented at perfect pace. Speaker very knowledgeable. Interest maintained throughout presentation

William G.
new york, NY

Excellent review of complex and important area which should be of concern to all attorneys.

Michael W.
New York, NY

Excellent Course! Covers all the bases.

William D.
Ho-Ho-Kus, NJ

Its interesting to listen to Mr. Abrams speak.

Robert D.
Alexandria, VA

Excellent presentation, would highly recommend this to others. I hope Daniel Abrams gives more ethics courses on Lawline.

Jason W.
Lorton, VA

The presentation by an attorney involved in legal malpractice adds practical advice that may not be obvious beyond the text of the rules.

Edward M.
San Augustine, TX

Very informative, especially for a sole practitioner!

John N.
El Paso, TX

Numerous helpful and practical guidelines for avoiding malpractice pitfalls by careful client selection, constant communication, and not getting in over your head.

Carlton G.
Alexandria, VA

straightforward, useful, and entertaining manner of presentation.

Randal W.

very practical and therefore useful

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Lambertville, NJ

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eric c.


Susan B.
San Diego, CA

As usual, another great speaker. Thank you lawline.

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Radnor, PA

Great breakdown of some of the most salient issues in this field. I thought that the discussion of conflicts was particularly good.

Gbolahan E.
Baltimore, MD


Morgan M.
Cresskill, NJ


Catherine D.
San Francisco, CA

One of your best presenter. His advice on client selection should be mandatory viewing for new lawyers

Matthew R.
New York, NY

I thought that this had some really interesting discussion on this issue.

Susan H.
Alexandria, VA

Excellent coverage of a very important topic, with great advice from a seasoned attorney.

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Lynchburg, VA

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New York, NY

a nice presentation!

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Highland Park, IL

Succinct and commons sense.

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Richmond, VA

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St Cloud, FL

Down to earth advice based on experience and sound legal concepts

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Sherman Oaks, CA

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Roanoke, TX

good material, well presented

Jacqueline C.
Emeryville, CA

Pretty basic information - good presentation.

Suuzen Ty A.
The Villages, FL

Nice review of areas where attorneys can run into trouble by not staying focused on rules of ethics in all transactions.

A E F.
Portland, OR

Informative and interesting. Thank you Mr Abrams.

Sam C.
New York, NY

Focus on practical

Henry G.
Armonk, NY

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Lafayette, CA

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Albany, NY

I believe this course is great for newly admitted attorneys only

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Nyack, NY

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San Diego, CA

Especially enjoyed the portion on spotting clients who are troublesome

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John D.
Villa Park, IL

Solid practical advice

Harry B.
Exeter, CA

very specific sdvice

Shirley d.
Salem, OR

Very fortifying. Renewed reminders for inclusions in retainer agreements & essential client communication - client inclusion in tactics, etc.

Suzanne B.
Tucson, AZ

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Christopher Y.
Nashville, NC

This was a good, concise "refresher" on basic, practical ethics.

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Milano, TX

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San Francisco, CA

excellent speaker

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Tacoma, WA

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Fair Oaks, CA

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Covington, LA

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Albuquerque, NM

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Croton on Hudson, NY

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Portland, OR

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david g.
Seattle, WA

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Parlin, NJ


Herbert S.
Huntington, NY

This lawyer provided an excellent overview and refresher presentation in the area of the course.

Jack Y.
Houston, TX

Excellent presentation

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Portland, OR

practical advice well presented

Daniel R.
New Port Richey, FL

Good substance

Craig D.
Hardwick,, NJ

Every lawyer should be required to take this course within 30 days of starting to practice!

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Jennie W.
Washington, DC

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Encino, CA

VeryWell presented and informative as well as interesting

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Hartford, CT

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seattle, WA

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galveston, TX

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Manvel, TX


Gerald M.
St Petersburg, LB

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New York, NY

Excellent overview and some very good reminders and office practices.

Jennifer S.
Bellingham, WA

very useful practical info!

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Clifton, NJ

Really interesting and practical explanation of the ethics rules!

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White Plains, NY

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Patricia W.
Sag Harbor, NY

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mark c.
Irvington, NY

nice presentation and demeanor on a touchy subject

Mary B.

Excellent presentation. Articulation was perfect. Touched on many topics in the right amounts of time.

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Shelby, NC

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Oak Park, CA

Good presentation, thank you.

Constance H.
Penfield, NY

speaker very knowledgeable and interesting to listen to

Jeanne N.
Chicago, IL

Quiet but thoughtful.

Barry H.

Well organized and well presented.

Kathryn A.
Williamsburg, VA

some technical difficulties, but great downloads really helped. Thanks.

Maria S.
Ballwin, MO

no it was excellent

Rebecca M.

This was a good seminar - the length was good and the speaker was very good.

David L.
Leesburg, VA

Nice overview of the topic

Carol W.

The technology and screen interface were excellent. I enjoyed the fact that the speaker had great slides, but spoke to them as appropriate. He didn't read them to us.

Napha T.
Saint Paul, MN

Lots of great information in time allotted! And no computer issues during this course!

Mark L.

Thought it was very good. Worked great too.

Tammy R.
St. Peters, MO

Very helpful and informative

Cynthia M.
Ocean City, MD

Very good course. Thank you for offering it.

Rob M.
Vienna, VA

I was surprised. He did a great job. Entertaining and informative

Paul P.
Reston, VA

This was one of the better Ethics presentations I have seen in 10 years.

Vicki B.
Minneapolis, MN

Very effective speaker, great presentation, thanks!

Alex N.
Brooklyn, NY

A very nice basic overview. Interesting discussion of clients to avoid accepting.

Thomas R.
Seattle, WA

Excellent practice pointers.