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Avoiding Ethical Violations and Malpractice Suits (2020 Update)


Created on December 03, 2020





In this program, ethics expert and legal malpractice attorney Daniel Abrams will teach lawyers how to minimize their chances of being sued for malpractice or being subject to attorney grievance complaints and other ethical headaches. The course will review the primary reasons why lawyers are sued, what plaintiffs' legal malpractice lawyers are looking for in a lawsuit, where in the primary stages of representation lawyers get into trouble, and practical steps an attorney can take to minimize risk. The course is applicable to attorneys in all practice areas.   

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify what plaintiffs' attorneys look for in a potential malpractice case
  2. Spot and avoid clients who are more trouble than they are worth
  3. Decline representation within the parameters of the Ethics rules
  4. Use legal bills to strengthen the attorney-client relationship
  5. Gain insight and miscellaneous tips to minimize risk

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