Aviation Litigation: The View From 30,000 Feet

Production Date: May 19, 2015 Practice Areas: Litigation and Aviation & Aerospace Estimated Length: 7192 minutes


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Using a hypothetical aviation accident as a platform, Lawline presents a four person panel with moderator and attorney Frederick Alimonti focusing on a range of critical issues likely to come up in the course of litigating a major aviation accident.  


Composed of members from the Plaintiff and Defense bars, plus an expert witness, this distinguished panel paints some of the critical broad strokes that typify issues dealt with in an aviation case, including picking and keeping your forum, choice of law, the cast of likely defendants, the impact of international law, the retention of protection of evidence, and when and how to involve experts and consultants.


Learning Objectives:

I.   Pick and keep your forum

II.  Gain familiarity with the cast of likely defendants

III. Grasp choice-of-law considerations

IV. Understand the impacts of international law

V.  Retain and protect evidence

VI. Know when and how to involve experts and consultants



Carol P.
New Rochelle, NY

speakers were interesting and knowledgable

daniel c.
Westport, CT

Excellent presentation and panel format.

Holly J.
San Diego, CA

very well done

Brian M.
Littleton, CO

Loved how all sides represented and a little debate.

William K.
Lewiston, NY

Good interaction among the panel

Barbara B. C.
Ridgewood, NJ

Very engaging and informative

Dora C.
Temecula, CA

Excellent panel and content

Nikita M. W.
Rochester, NY

There was some technological glitches experienced at 74%. Fortunately, they were corrected timely. Thanks,

Edward S.
east islip, NY

Terrific panel! extremely knowledgeable.

Christina T.
New York, NY

I thought program was informative, accurate and to the point. excellent job!

Michael S.
Palisades, NY

eye opening regarding litigation of these cases

Jennie W.
Washington, DC

Very informative

William T.
Richmond, VA

Thank you for this course.

Rebecca S.
Lakewood, CO

The interplay between the attorneys made this more informative and more interesting.

Daniel G.
Atlanta, GA

Great panelists!!

Gerry L.
Roslyn, NY

Interesting topic and full of useful info

William B.
Alexandria, VA

This particular program was absolutely great.

Mark S.
Lombard, IL

Top notch panel, fascinating area of law.

James O.
Chicago, IL

Excellent panel. Way out of my area of practice, but highly educational and lots of fun.

Martin W.
Tinley Park, IL

Really liked the panel format with plaintiff and defense represented. The expert was an added bonus. One of the best CLE videos i've ever watched. Very interesting even though it has nothing to do with anything I'm involved in.

Richard L.
New York, NY

This is absolutely one of the best CLE presentations that I have seen on LawLine. The four-person panel manages to keep the discussion on-track and at a very nice level of detail, while providing a broad "33,000 ft" view.

Frederick N.
Star Tannery, VA

Outstandig program. Excellent panel who all knew therir stuff and were interesting to hear. Highly recommended.

Silvia C.
Atlanta, GA


Rose Ann P.
Chicago, IL

All of the "What if's!

Isabel A.
Philadelphia, PA

Very interesting and informative.

Kevin W.
Hendersonville, TN

This is, frankly, not an area of the law in which I practice. However, it was a fascinating CLE -- which is more than I can say for the vast majority of CLE's that I have taken over the last three decades!

asher k.
Manhattan, NY

Really enjoyed this one. Debate/opposing viewpoint panels are a good way to do these.

Michael W.
Orange, CT

Top flight panelists and interesting program.

Mary B.
Rochester, NY


Dennis S.
Bedford, NY

Very informative; I liked that it did not assume any body of knowledge on the viewers.

Mahlon C.
Morristown, NY

Very well presented.

Tarsha S.
patchogue, NY

Amazing. Extraordinary. I have never had insight into this area of law until now. Thank you.

Marcia C.
Northport, NY

Creative use of graphics

Terrell R.
Riverdale, MD

good course

Patricia P.
New York, NY


William S.
Ormond Beach, FL

Excellent panel.

Irving G.
rosland heights, NY

Well done Having an expert as part of wthe panel was really great.

bridget c.
Medfield, MA

fascinating topic!

Dwayne R.
Seattle, WA

Excellent speakers with really good analysis of significant aviation litigation issues.

Kimberly G.
Westport, CT

Great presentation.

Jennifer L.
New York, NY

Excellent format, very interesting to present by panel, makes it much more enjoyable for the audience

Roger H.
Saluda, VA


Rebekah Y.
West Hollywood, CA

One of the strongest courses I have listened to. I really enjoyed hearing both a plaintiff's attorneys side and a defense attorney. I highly recommend this course.

Jessica B.
Springfield, VA

Thorough introduction to the topic

Lawrence A.
Chevy Chase, MD

Very interesting discussion about issues involving cases where there obvious liability and no-contrib. of most plaintiffs. Excellent class.

Michael G.
Ann Arbor, MI

Very good visuals

John M.
Jensen Beach, FL

Very interesting. Faculty obviously very knowledgable

Leonard G.
Oak Brook, IL

A solid introduction to this field

Julie A. B.
Hiles, WI

Terrific panel!

John J. P.
White Plains, NY

Very informative.

Peter C. M.
Port Washington, NY

loved the simulator

Christopher C.
Gordonsville, VA

Best Lawline course I've taken. Great use of a panel of experts! OUTSTANDING!

Robert B.
cheektowaga, NY

Very interesting class

Jeremy K.
New York, NY

Very interesting , even though it has little practical application for me.

Elizabeth C. T.
Kingston, NY

Well done. Not an area in which I have knowledge, but I was riveted by the panel and their knowledge, expertise and experience in the area.

Benjamin W.
New York, NY

This was by far the best CLE I’ve ever seen.

Hugh A. P.
Fort Worth, TX


Queens, NY

I found this CLE course to be very interesting.

Howard K.

Great Panel and Excellent presentation

Marc B.
Arlington, VA

A terrific presentation by very talented counsel.

Carl L.
Menlo Park, CA

Excellent panel. Excellent presentation.

philip o.

Excellent panel

gail w.
new york, NY

Interesting material. Dynamic panel. Highly recommend!

Malissa L.
Far Rockaway, NY

very interesting niche topic

Jeffrey V.
Melville, NY

excellent presentation...

William M.
Oak Park, IL

very interesting

Heidi K.
Southlake, TX

Very interesting. Great panel group.

Jennifer D.
Algonquin, IL

This was fascinating and well-taught. Thanks!

Lexi W.
Richmond, VA

Great program with a knowledgeable and engaging panel

Chaim L.
Valley Stream, NY

I found this an excellent presentation of a multi-issued area of law. Great.

Stephen B.
Williamsville, NY


Raymond K.
Bedford, NY

The real value in this course is found in the interaction between the panel members. Outstanding.

Daniel H.
Valley Stream, NY

Very informative.

Jonathan S.
South Salem, NY


Mary T.
Brentwood, TN


David W.
Richmond, VA

Perhaps the most knowledgeable panel I have ever seen

Andrew K.
New York, NY

The format was very good.

Randi W.
Oakland Gardens, NY

Excellent panel decision.

Neal D.
New York, NY

Fantastic discussion, fantastic panel.

Francis Gerard H.
Lockport, NY

Excellent Program!

Jonathan B.
Stratford, CT

superb- particularly the Plt. side

Lewis S.
New York, NY

I really liked the panel discussion and thought it was a great way to stay engaged. The information was great, too.

Wendy L.
New York, NY

Absolutely brilliant programme.

Scott A.
Bayside, NY

The materials were well presented.

Lloyd G.
Buffalo, NY

Impressive panel and an excellent learning experience.

Cathy B.
Seattle, WA

Very interesting discussion

Wiliam R.
bethlehem, PA

Very reputable and experienced Panel touched on all the salient aviation issues from my standpoint.

Nicole R.
Morgan Hill, CA

It was extremely helpful hearing the panel discussion!

William B.
Bronxville, NY

Great panel, engaging presentation

Wayne C.
Honolulu, HI

The panelists are all leaders in this field. Excellent discussion.

susan p.
montgomery, AL

excellent panel -- highly recommend!

Mark E.
Staten Island, NY

Very interesting.

Marie A M.
New York, NY


Paul N.
Lynbrook, NY

recommend without reservation

Paula W.
Tuscon, AZ

Excellent Format and more dynamic than a single speaker

Andrea C.
bayport, NY

Fascinating and very well organized presentation.

Robert C.
New York, NY

Very impressive panel.

Joung Ho K.
Flushing, NJ

Excellent panel members with years of experience.

Melanie B.
Tuckahoe, NY

First Class, pun intended!!!

Sari W.
Littleton, CO

This was a very interesting and well-moderated CLE presentation. I would highly recommend it to others.

Philip L J.
Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

By far, the very best LawLine course on aviation litigation..

Phillip B.
Cedarville, AR

The view from 30,000 feet: Awesome!