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Who Gets to Talk: Should Plaintiffs Be “Parties” to an NTSB Investigation?

1h 59m

Created on May 19, 2015



Using a hypothetical aviation accident as a platform, Lawline presents a four person panel with moderator and attorney Frederick Alimonti focusing on a range of critical issues likely to come up in the course of litigating a major aviation accident.  


Composed of members from the Plaintiff and Defense bars, plus an expert witness, this distinguished panel paints some of the critical broad strokes that typify issues dealt with in an aviation case, including picking and keeping your forum, choice of law, the cast of likely defendants, the impact of international law, the retention of protection of evidence, and when and how to involve experts and consultants.


Learning Objectives:

I.   Pick and keep your forum

II.  Gain familiarity with the cast of likely defendants

III. Grasp choice-of-law considerations

IV. Understand the impacts of international law

V.  Retain and protect evidence

VI. Know when and how to involve experts and consultants



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