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Auditioning for Your Freedom: Combating the Field Sobriety Exercises in the DUI Prosecution in Florida


Created on July 22, 2015



Police officers conduct field sobriety exercises in order to establish probable cause that an individual is driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. These standardized exercises created by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration can be arbitrarily administered and have a wide margin of error. Join attorney Robert Reiff for a discussion of the various techniques available to combat the legitimacy and results of these exercises. Mr. Reiff identifies the importance of recognizing the abnormality of field sobriety exercises and the methods by which police officers incorrectly administer them. He also provides helpful strategies to cross examine arresting officers so as to emphasize the functioning of your client's mental faculties while minimizing any physical failures. Mr. Reiff concludes with additional preparation tips that will strengthen your case. 


Learning Objectives:

I.     Identify different field sobriety exercises 

II.    Summarize the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's guidelines

III.   Describe the mental test 

IV.   Prepare to fight field sobriety exercises


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