Attorney Licensure and the Impaired Professional

Production Date: March 27, 2017 Practice Areas: Ethics Estimated Length: 3753 minutes


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Substance abuse and addictions can affect any attorney regardless of gender, culture, ethnicity, age, or socioeconomic status. This program, taught by seasoned attorneys Tracy Kepler and Laurie Besden, instructs attorneys on how to recognize the impaired professional, provides various resources to assist in the recovery, and identifies the possible disciplinary implications of an impaired attorneys’ conduct.

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Understand addiction as an illness, recognize the characteristics of various addictions and how they affect the legal professional
  2. Spot warning signs of, and learn how to begin the conversation with, an impaired attorney
  3. Learn about the interface between potential attorney disciplinary action and impairment as well as possible reporting obligations
  4. Identify resources available to the impaired legal professional and their colleagues
Kari N.
Avon, IN

Best course I've ever taken.

Dave D.
Danville, CA


Kay K.
Burbank, CA

Best, most beneficial and best presented of all of the courses. Most interesting as well.

Tanya M.
Huntington Beach, CA

Best CLE yet.

Yuka K.
San Carlos, CA

Ms. Besden's personal story portion was the most compelling part of the entire MCLE series.

Eve L.
Danville, IL

Excellent presentation--sincere and truthful!

Erin H.
Temple Hills, MD

Really enjoyed the format of this presentation, and was engaged by the speakers.

David G.
Williamston, NC

That was quite a story

Dianne L.
Los Angeles, CA

Well done.

Andrew L.
Washington, DC

Fantastic lessons.

Linda K.
Beverly Hills, CA

This is the best substance abuse program I've taken. very informative.

Lisa H.
Sacramento, CA

Very informative.

scott d.
parsippany, NJ

Riveting stuff. Very proud of Laurie.

Billy L.
Lake Charles, LA

very informative

Patrick A.
Berea, OH

Very creditable.

Gregory L.
Barrington, IL

This was the best presentation on this subject I've ever seen. Laurie's story was extremely profound!

Christopher F.
Fremont, OH

Awesome program and great insight as to problems associated with substance abuse in our profession.

John P.
Newark, NJ

Very well presented. Very informative

Katherine A.
Cleveland, OH

Really good mix of facts and an example. Thanks to those helping with this!

Milan V.
Honolulu, HI

The presentation was so authentic and gripping that watched the entire hour without even taking a bathroom break!

Eric W.
Newton, NJ

Eye opening. Statistical information was beyond the numbers I would have anticipated.

Mathew K.
Crestview Hills, KY

well done

Jo-Ann A.
Honolulu, HI

Very well done! It was powerful to have an attorney in recovery sharing her story.

Stephen E.
Crestwood, KY

Wow! Laurie's story was impressive. I had no idea that the problem of addiction was so large and pervasive.

Arthur M.
Malibu, CA

Excellent. Very powerful.

John V.
Delaware, OH

Great Presentation!

Allison T.
Fayetteville, NC

The story of the former addict was very compelling.

Kristine C.
Dubuque, IA

Excellent. I applaud your honesty

W. Michael M.
Jersey City, NJ

Ms. Besden was very effective and moving as a presenter. I admire that she carefully honored the 11th tradition. As an attorney with almost 30 years of successful recovery I have attempted to be circumspect in this regard. The 12th Step is my guiding principle when balancing the constraints of the anonymity in press, radio and film. Keep the Faith.

Howard G.
High Point, NC

This was the best presentation that I have observed on Lawline

doug c.
Cincinnati, OH

Outstanding session

Justin A.
Columbus, OH

Real life made it more interesting

victoria w.
Brecksville, OH

very interesting speaker.

Paula .

This was truly an amazing course. It should be shown to high school kids, and parents, as well as to attorneys. Great.

Robin B.
Lanham, MD

Moving story and amazing recovery. Takes true strength the share her story.

Nancy P.
Oceanside, NY

very powerful and moving lecture.

Socrates K.
Las Vegas, NV

Very helpful material, thank you.

Bonita L.
Trenton, NJ

Excellent! The topic is so relevant and realistic discourse so necessary. Laurie is breathtakingly brave. A true warrior.

T A J.
Pasadena, CA


Eugene H.
Montclair, NJ


Diane H.
Miamisburg, OH

Excellent content and presentation.

Rodney G.
Lincoln, MA

Amazing presentation

Gregory S.
Fayetteville, NY

The person who has recovered her life was amazing. Hats off to her.

Daniel C.
Ventnor City, NJ

Important topic area.

Julie Z.
Greensburg, PA

really enjoyed. thank you.

Paul J.
Farmington, UT

I have a son struggling with these issues, and this was very helpful to me to understand what he is going through.

Liza F.
Manhattan, NY

I so appreciated her bearing her soull for the rest of us - very good lecture

John S.
Houston, TX

One of the best programs I’ve heard on the topic. Thank you.

Russell G.
Wilton, CT

Really great story and very brace . Thank you

Chris R.
Las Vegas, NV

Fantastic and topical. We just added extra emphasis on substance abuse in Nevada. While I am critical of the lack of written materials on other Lawline courses, this course had good written materials.

Jennifer B.
Shawnee, KS

Great compelling stories

Frank W.
Indianapolis, IN

Meaningful and substantive

Brenda S.
Durham, NC

very poignant, yet inspiring personal story. Hearing women's voices was also quite a welcomed relief

Brian H.
Los Angeles, CA

interesting and compelling story

John M.
Mandeville, LA

courageous and informative

Edmund L.
Trabuco Canyon, CA

Powerful message

Patrick O.
Brooklyn, NY

Excellent! Both for the lawyer himself and lawyers seeing the problem.

Richard J.
Lexington, KY

Very effective and moving talk by Ms. Besden.