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Attorney Ethics & Electronically Stored Information

1h 2m

Created on March 25, 2021





This presentation will discuss electronic discovery and the related ethical duty of competence. Brian Chase, ArcherHall's Director of Digital Forensics, will draw on guidance from state bars, recent e-discovery cases, and his own experience assisting attorneys in order to outline the most common risks to counsel and clients if attorneys fail to properly understand their e-discovery obligations in litigation.

This program will benefit all litigators, as well as any other attorneys who encounter ESI in their practice.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify sources of electronically stored information (ESI)
  2. Review California's 9-step ethics opinion on ESI
  3. Analyze the framework provided in the opinion and how to apply it to any case involving ESI
  4. Discuss ethical and effective handling of eDiscovery cases to maximize discovery of relevant data while minimizing costs

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