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Drafting Fundamentals for Assisted Reproductive Technology Contracts (Update)

1h 32m

Created on December 10, 2020





Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) contracts include extremely complex and sensitive issues that prompt a number of drafting concerns. In this program, Colleen Quinn will guide attorneys through the fundamental considerations surrounding ART contract drafting, starting with drafting prerequisites, what information must be gathered prior to contract drafting, and use outside resources. Next, the program provides an extensive road map that incorporates specific structural techniques to help demystify the ART contract. Finally, Ms. Quinn discusses practical examples and sample contract provisions to assist practitioners in drafting provisions covering everything from pre-screening, physical exams & psychological evaluations, payment methods, labor notification, breaches, and remedies. 

Learning Objectives:

  1. Assess the new world of family creation options
  2. Create a prerequisite checklist and questionnaire for clients
  3. Include the most essential contract provisions to create, update or improve upon an existing ART contract
  4. Organize and structure the contract and map out the choice of law and parentage processes
  5. The draft around complex issues such as abortion and selective reduction
  6. Include enforceable breach provisions
  7. Ensure smooth contract negotiations and avoid ethical pitfalls

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