Assisted Reproductive Technology Contracts: Drafting Fundamentals

Production Date: February 19, 2014 Practice Areas: Contract Law, Family & Matrimonial Law, and Legal Research & Writing Estimated Length: 5585 minutes


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Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) contracts include extremely complex and sensitive issues that prompt a number of drafting concerns for attorneys. In her third installment on ART, Colleen Quinn returns to guide attorneys through the important considerations surrounding ART contract drafting.  Ms. Quinn will provide an extensive road map that incorporates specific structural techniques that will help demystify the ART contract.  


In addition, she will provide practical examples and sample contract provisions to assist practitioners in drafting provisions covering everything from pre-screening representations, physical exams & psychological evaluations to labor notification, breaches and remedies.  Do not miss this thorough examination of ART contract drafting that both new and seasoned practitioners in the field will appreciate.   


Learning Objectives:

I.   Grasp the new world of family creation options

II.  Recognize the best choice of law options for your contract

III. Draft provisions surrounding: 

  • Pre-Screening Representations
  • Physical Exams & Psychological Evaluations 
  • Payments
  • Genetic Testing
  • Mishaps, Death or Disappearance of Intended Parents
  • Labor Notifications
  • Breaches and Remedies

IV. Identify Health Insurance Coverage Issues 

V. Identify Abortion and Selective Reduction Issues


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Well done! The experience of the lecturer, Colleen Quinn, is obvious. Her intellectual firepower is awesome as she informs and explains a complex and specialized area of law.

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Fantastic course. Brought up lots of issues to look our for and to plan for.

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Excellent course, and very informative.

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Quinn does it again!

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Would love more programing on this topic. Advance ART contracting would be good.

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shoould be rated a 5. Really shows the importance of drafting with appropriate experience and input. So many bases to cover.

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A very clear overview of the area for practitioner without previous experience and may be asked generally for advise on these issues and to refer to expert. Found it valuable.

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