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Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare: Legal and Ethical Issues


Created on August 27, 2019





Healthcare's rapid digitization has resulted in the creation and consumption of massive amounts of patient data. This data flows through the healthcare Internet of Things including EHRs, medical devices, diagnostic software, and numerous other connected systems. Artificial Intelligence (AI) may help organizations leverage patient data in novel ways to transform the healthcare industry by unlocking insights, driving quality and efficient improvements, and controlling costs. Yet, the use of AI is largely unregulated today and continues to create various legal risks and pose ethical questions.

This course, presented by Alaap Shah of Epstein Becker & Green, will prepare attorneys to understand the landscape of legal and ethical issues related to AI in healthcare. The program will also help attorneys learn how to navigate risks associated with the development, implementation and use of AI in healthcare.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Examine the definition of AI and some examples of how it is currently applied in healthcare
  2. Grasp the legal and ethical issues related to AI, with a focus on questions of privacy and cybersecurity
  3. Discuss regulation of AI including scope and limitations of existing law and efforts to further regulate AI

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