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Art Insurance Case Survey


Created on April 26, 2022




Art insurance is a very specialized area in the field of insurance. Legal issues involving art insurance come in all shapes and sizes. Cases involving art insurance issues are rarely just about the art or the insurance but may arise from a variety of scenarios. Additionally, cases involving art insurance issues bring to bear various types of insurance policies with varying types of coverage. This program will look at a survey of cases in which art insurance was implicated and will discuss different venues nationwide (and one international matter). While the causes of action may be repetitive, the property damage at issue is typically one of a kind. These types of losses, which fall into the general category of property damage, cannot be quantified by simply comparing prices online and arriving at a damage figure. Coming to a proper conclusion as to coverage and benefits takes special care.

The cases addressed are less about the litigation and more about the reasoning behind the results. In some cases, a court's opinion may not be considered precedential, yet it is still instructive. This program will focus on the claim at issue and the thought process leading to the resolution of the loss.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Raise awareness about causes of loss so that you may help your clients (whether insurers or insureds) navigate this unique type of claim

  2. Discuss issue spotting and issues of valuation

  3. Familiarize attorneys with policy terms and how they may be addressed differently in different types of policies

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