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Arbitration Agreements in a Post-Epic Systems World

1h 5m

Created on November 27, 2018




Join attorneys John Lewis and Amy Traub as they address the Epic Systems Corp. v. Lewis opinion, including an analysis of the decision and potential future impact. In this program, they will address subsequent lower court opinions and their impact on enforcement of class and collective action waivers, including Gaffers v. Kelly Services and McGrew v. VCG Holding Corp. The presenters will also discuss federal law that may limit Epic Systems Corp., including the Franken Amendment.

Other topics include pushback from the states, legislation stemming from the #MeToo movement, the pros and cons of arbitration, and pending issues before the Supreme Court.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Analyze the Epic Systems Corp. decision
  2. Address the future impact of the decision
  3. Discuss subsequent lower court decisions and pending SCOTUS issues
  4. Identify points of pushback in the states
  5. Break down the pros and cons of arbitration

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