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Apple v. Samsung: A New Standard for Design Patent Cases

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Produced on October 23, 2018

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Course Information

Time 1h
Difficulty Advanced
Topics covered in this course: Intellectual Property Patent

Course Description

Design patents cover new, original, and ornamental designs of manufactured articles. While the term of a design patent is short (now, 15 years from the issue date), possessing a design patent can be a competitive advantage, especially if the design is the foundation of an entirely new product line. This was the situation over nine years ago when the first of Apple’s design patents for the ornamental features of the iPhone, iPad, and iPod was issued. On April 13, 2011, Apple sued Samsung for infringing its intellectual property, including three design patents.

What followed was a long battle that ended with a settlement on June 27, 2018. Along the way, a new standard for design patent damages in the case of multicomponent articles of manufacture was adopted by the Supreme Court. Join attorney Amy B. Goldsmith as she delves into the design patent aspects of the Apple v. Samsung litigation.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Break down design patents and review the ones at the heart of the Apple v. Samsung dispute
  2. Follow the litigation from the District Court to the Federal Circuit, up to the Supreme Court, back to the Federal Circuit - and finally to the District Court again
  3. Identify the new standard for design patent damages
  4. Evaluate Judge Lucy Koh’s 2017 decision ordering a new design patent damages trial
  5. Review the jury instructions for the 2018 trial
  6. Address the impact of the Apple v. Samsung dispute on future design patent infringement cases

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Amy Goldsmith

Tarter Krinsky & Drogin LLP

Successful, profitable businesses share certain characteristics: immediately recognizable brands, desirable products or services, and a strategic plan which minimizes legal risks. As co-chair of the Intellectual Property Group at Tarter Krinsky & Drogin, Amy B. Goldsmith partners with clients to provide practical legal advice and connections to grow their businesses. A strategic advisor, she guides clients in all stages of their development from idea conception and protection, to funding, manufacturing and enforcement. Copyrights and patents are an important part of a company’s strategy, and understanding when protection is likely (or not) to be granted is critical in the design process.


Michael B.

very good course; interesting thank you

Michael N.

Thank you, very informative. I work as an expert witness on IP matters. www.trialexpertwitness.com MIke Nranian 248 3760338, please call anytime

Joanna S.

Excellent lecturer. Clear and simple explanations.

Lyman M.

Where’s my certificate

maura k.

Good course

eugene b.

Very interesting to get the legal context for this major case

Diann B.

Interesting topic covering two of the big players, Samsung and Apple.

Dane R.

Intense and fascinating.

Ron V.

Interesting topic -- good for those with an interest in design patents

Harrison O.

I liked her speaking style

Thomas T.


Dena R.

Excellent delivery and content

Eric W.

I thought the deep dive into a case was an interesting and informative format

Arlyn a.

Really interesting! Please do more classes that just focus on a particular high profile case like Apple v Samsung

Maureen D.

Wonderfully organized and informative

Steven T.

Excellent Presentation!

Stephen C.


Robert B.

Very interesting!

Kathleen D.

In depth caselaw analysis designed to inform the busy practitioner of the most pertinent aspects of each design patent decision. Insightful and extremely organized.

Joan K L.

A complex case presented very well

Harrison H.


Earl B.

one of the most beneficial 1 hr CLEs I've ever taken

Jessica B.

Interesting course.

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