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Appeal Strategies for ERISA Long Term Disability Claims

1h 4m

Created on January 25, 2022





This course, taught by Jennifer L. Hess and Matthew Maddox, attorneys and lecturers on long-term disability law topics, will discuss how to file a strong appeal for long-term disability benefits subject to ERISA. This course will provide valuable practice tips and cover the critical steps you must take to maximize your client's chances of success on appeal.

The program will also review the basic protections and rights that ERISA provides to long-term disability claimants during the appeal process. A basic understanding of these protections and rights is necessary to successfully appeal an ERISA long-term disability benefits denial and to preserve the best possible file for any potential litigation.

This course will benefit attorneys confronting long-term disability appeal inquiries or handling these appeals. The course will familiarize attorneys with the most common reasons for denial, provide valuable tips to identify viable arguments, and instruct how to maximize your client's chances of success.

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Provide a foundational understanding of the rights and protections that ERISA provides to claimants during the long term disability appeal process

  2. Identify the most common reasons for denial of long term disability claims subject to ERISA

  3. Instruct how to request and carefully review a copy of the insurer's claim file, which your client is entitled to receive under ERISA

  4. Discuss how to proactively build your client's evidence to rebut the insurer's concerns

  5. Review best practices for appeal letters and arguments to make in support of the appeal

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