Antitrust Management of the Difficult Deal

Production Date: July 13, 2017 Practice Areas: Business, Corporate, & Securities Law and Antitrust Estimated Length: 3722 minutes


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Antitrust Management of the Difficult Deal is a one hour presentation on the practical issues faced by antitrust and corporate counsel in guiding a merger or acquisition of competitors from negotiation to closing. In this program, attorney James Calder of Katten Muchin focuses exclusively on the antitrust issues to be addressed by the legal teams responsible for the transaction.  

Join Mr. Calder as he discusses various aspects of managing antitrust issues in M&A.

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Identify the deal risks presented by an extended antitrust review
  2. Understand how the antitrust risk can be managed
  3. Recognize how the antitrust risk is best allocated between the parties
  4. Successfully complete the antitrust review

Michael F.
maupin, OR

GREAT presentation! I expected it to be dry, but Mr. Calder did a great job of conveying the drama, risk & opportunities involved in navigating the anti-trust review process of M&A's.

Jeff D.
Vashon, WA

An area of law in which I'll never practice, but a great presentation: clear, understandable, informative.

William J.
Henrico, VA

This presentation was outstanding, both clear and well-organized. I also like the level of detail in the presentation slides. Too often, the slides are reduced to general bullet points that do not convey much information. In this presentation, however, the slides were clear and informative, with useful practical details. As mentioned, outstanding overall.

Georgian P.
Birmingham, AL

Very interesting and informative! Enjoyed the presentation!

Frank E.
Newport News, VA

Difficult subject matter handled well, with good common sense suggestions

Diana C.
Tulsa, OK

very knowledgeable presenter

Elliot F.
Tucson, AZ

Good coverage of a complex topic.

Justin B.
Falmouth, ME

Very helpful refresher and well presented