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Antitrust Issues: Joint Ventures and other Competitor Collaborations

1h 33m

Created on April 09, 2014



Part I of this two-part series, presented by the co-head of Katten Muchin Rosenman's Antitrust and Competition practice James Calder, identifies the different types of joint ventures that competitors frequently form, the reasons that drive competitors to collaborate in this way and the antitrust issues that such collaborations raise. It covers in detail the antitrust law of joint ventures.


Learning Objectives:

I.    Understand the business needs that drive executives to form joint ventures with their competitors 

II.   Comprehend the resulting demands that are made on inside and outside counsel

III.  Identify the different types of joint ventures that result from specific business goals and challenges

IV.  Explain antitrust joint venture law 

V.   Recognize antitrust concerns raised by the structure, negotiation and operation of the joint venture

VI.  Review the application of Hart-Scott-Rodino and foreign merger control regimes to joint venture formation

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