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Anatomy of a Texas DUI/DWI Case

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Produced on April 16, 2020

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Time 1h 17m
Difficulty Beginner
Topics covered in this course: Criminal Litigation

Course Description

DWI in Texas is something that affects over 200,000 people every year, and a conviction of even one DWI can have major life consequences - jobs, driver’s licenses, and child custody sometimes hang in the balance of the outcome. For defense attorneys, litigating these cases can be extremely fraught - DWI is sometimes referred to as an “opinion case” because much of a DWI investigation is based on a police officer’s subjective determination of what he witnessed at the scene or while administering the Standardized Field Sobriety Tests. 

This program, taught by veteran DWI attorney Tyler Flood, will discuss all the elements required to prove DWI in Texas. The course will explain the standardized field sobriety tests, how the state calculates a Blood Alcohol Level (BAC) at the time of driving using Retrograde Extrapolation, and cover driver’s license consequences stemming from a conviction or from a DPS suspension through the Administrative License Revocation process.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Examine Texas Penal Code 49.04 and discuss all the elements of DWI, including relevant case law
  2. Distinguish between DWI and DUI in Texas
  3. Analyze the definitions of specific elements of the DWI statute in Texas, such as “operating”, “public place”, and “intoxication”
  4. Explain how a BAC is obtained in Texas, and how the State uses Retrograde Extrapolation to prove a person’s BAC at the time of driving
  5. Discuss the penalties and consequences of DWI including first offenses, second offenses, third offenses, and cases involving serious bodily injury or death

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Tyler Flood

Flood Lewis & Associates

Attorney Tyler Flood is a highly influential, larger-than-life fixture in the Houston community. As a local DWI attorney in Houston, he has had great success and has won many difficult cases. He’s helped clients reduce their DWI penalties and, in many cases, successfully had their charges dismissed altogether. Beginning with his love for the Houston Astros, Tyler is a true Texan for many reasons. He graduated Texas State University with a Bachelor’s in Psychology, received his J.D. from the South Texas College of Law, and has consistently used his education to serve his neighbors and fellow community members, as well as people outside the Houston area. As an experienced DWI defense attorney in Houston, Tyler regularly contributes to local news stories and helps shape public understanding of current events in our area. His insight has proven valuable in assessing many DUI cases and their implications. When it comes to his clients, he has been called “a master of his craft,” a “great attorney,” and “the best DWI lawyer to defend you,” and he’s been recognized as one of Houston’s most successful DWI attorneys. He has had many cases dismissed and helped countless members of the community protect their good name and successfully challenge unfair or untrue charges. Tyler Flood is certified with the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. He has also been designated as an ACS-CHAL Lawyer-Scientist, meaning that he possesses an in-depth understanding of scientific techniques related to DWI cases as a means of helping ensure victory and justice for his clients. He is recognized by the Divisions of Chemistry and Law at the ACS. In addition to all this, Tyler has received (and continues to receive) a 10.0 from Avvo. This lawyer rating system rates the top DWI attorneys based on skillful litigation, client satisfaction, and positive results. Tyler was also the first lawyer in Texas to become Board Certified in DUI law by the DUI Defense Lawyers Association.


Juliana A.

One of the best presentations on TX DUI/DWI. Very engaging and informative.

Michael R.


Whitney M.

Tyler Flood is very knowledgeable.

Robert T.

Really enjoyed the example videos to get a sense.

Julie R.

very good

Jessica W.

This is one of the most informative and interesting CLEs I've watched on Lawline.

John V.

Very knowledgeable; appreciated the demonstratives

Darwin M.

Good program.

James B.

Excellent presentation and material

Edward A.

Great info; saw this presenter one time before - very good.

Mark M.

Great course. Loved the insights on Waterskiing while intoxicated. M. McCary

Brett S.


William H.

one of the best online courses

Jaime C.

great presentation with very detailed information!!!

Hal W.

Tyler Flood is the best in the business at DWI defense. He's so good that few clients can afford him!

C Robert B.

Excellent course! One of the best.

William C.

Excellent course!!!

Daphne Marie C.

Very informative adn easy to understand despite my not being a criminal attorney. Great presentation. Speaker is very knowledgeable and is a good speaker.

Scott D.

I enjoyed this CLE. The videos really helped the explanations. Much better than just following a powerpoint. Well done!

John C.

Great Course! Mr. Flood taught me more in an Hr than any book could do.

Ken S.

Great to have something specific to my state. Thank you!

Gavino M.

Great speaker. Great course.

Maryjane L.

very informative and engaging. Information was well presented.

Alison L.

Great course

Stephen M.

Interesting and easy to follow. I plan to listen to his other program too.

Erin L.

Helpful and well presented Helpful

Aaron L.

This is one of the most informative and easy to follow CLE courses I have ever watched. I have already recommended that other people watch this so that they can have baseline knowledge of Texas DWI law .

Daniel S.

Well done!!

Ryan R.

great visual examples

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