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Anatomy of a Premises Liability Case in Illinois

1h 2m

Created on April 27, 2018




Premises liability actions can take many forms, but generally involve persons injured on someone else's property. Most lawyers at some point in their career will be presented with a premises liability case, given that thousands of premises liability lawsuits are filed every year in Illinois.  

This program, presented by Chicago-based trial attorney Matthew Passen, will cover various legal, factual, and practical aspects of premises liability actions in Illinois.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Discuss various legal principles governing Illinois premises liability cases
  2. Examine common defenses, immunities and theories of liability
  3. Analyze common factual scenarios leading to premises liability
  4. Explain the importance of building codes, statutes and ordinances
  5. Offer practical recommendations for pre-trial discovery and presenting the case at trial

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