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Analyzing Street Encounters Involving Law Enforcement and Civilians: From John Terry to George Floyd


Created on March 01, 2021





In the summer of 2020, the United States found itself in the midst of civil unrest following the killings of civilians by police officers in the context of arrests and other street level encounters. This program, taught by preeminent criminal defense attorney Patrick Joyce, will examine the foundational and recent cases addressing the parameters of the Fourth Amendment as it pertains to street level encounters between law enforcement and citizens. This review will set the foundation for a discussion of some of the recommendations and legislation enacted following the George Floyd killing and subsequent protests. 

This program will benefit criminal defense and civil rights attorneys, as well as anyone interested in understanding the legal framework around law enforcement encounters that lead to the death of civilians. 

Learning Objectives:

  1. Examine the courts' treatment of the Fourth Amendment as it applies to street encounters between law enforcement and citizens
  2. Discuss the concepts implicated in these cases as they relate to the death of citizens at the hands of law enforcement
  3. Analyze the legality or illegality of law enforcement behavior during street encounters
  4. Apply these concepts in representing defendants in criminal cases, as well as victims in civil rights claims against law enforcement.

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