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Analyzing Key Environmental Issues in Bankruptcy

1h 4m

Created on November 04, 2021





This program will discuss how bankruptcy impacts the environmental liabilities and obligations of the debtor, affiliates, and other related parties, including buyers of debtor assets. This program, taught by environmental attorney David Zilberberg, will give environmental lawyers a better understanding of the intersection of environmental and bankruptcy law and will help transactional lawyers navigate environmental risks that may come up in deals involving debtor assets or businesses with prior bankruptcies.

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Identify which environmental risks are likely to be "wiped clean" in the bankruptcy process and which kind aren't

  2. Analyze which risks lenders, shareholders, and affiliates might have with respect to a debtor's environmental issues

  3. Discuss the impact a bankruptcy sale has on environmental issues associated with the assets or business being sold

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