Analysis of the Legalities and Importance of a Company’s Balance Sheet

Production Date: April 11, 2017 Practice Areas: Business, Corporate, & Securities Law Estimated Length: 3725 minutes


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As an attorney, you are probably not expected to know the difference between owner’s equity and retained earnings - that is the job of an accountant. What you should know -  for your benefit, as well as your client’s - are what the balance sheet is and does and certain legalities behind the instrument.

In this program, led by attorney Dr. Bart Basi, broad concepts and finer points will be discussed. 

Learning Objectives: 
  1. Identify items on a balance sheet
  2. Understand what the numbers represent
  3. Discuss with clients potential legal problems
  4. Conduct a simple ratio analysis and explain it to a client
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Thank you!

Paula J.
Oklahoma City, OK

It was really useful to have the slides viewable on the same screen as the video.

Kathleen O.

Instructor appeared very passionate about topic.

Mark H.
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The information, while informative and well presented, is not currently relevant to my practice.

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Excellent speaker on great course materials!

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Very informative,, all lawyers need an accounting course

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Great course for non-accounting folks.

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Dr. Basi is one of the very best in this field. Eminently watchable / informative.

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Very good course. Presenter made dry topic interesting.