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Analysis of the Legalities and Importance of a Company’s Balance Sheet

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Produced on April 11, 2017

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Time 1h 2m
Difficulty Advanced
Topics covered in this course: Business, Corporate, & Securities

Course Description

As an attorney, you are probably not expected to know the difference between owner’s equity and retained earnings - that is the job of an accountant. What you should know -  for your benefit, as well as your client’s - are what the balance sheet is and does and certain legalities behind the instrument.

In this program, led by attorney Dr. Bart Basi, broad concepts and finer points will be discussed. 

Learning Objectives: 
  1. Identify items on a balance sheet
  2. Understand what the numbers represent
  3. Discuss with clients potential legal problems
  4. Conduct a simple ratio analysis and explain it to a client

Credit Information

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Bart Basi

The Center for Financial, Legal & Tax Planning, Inc

Dr. Basi is a specialist in the areas of business succession, business valuation, mergers and acquisitions, retirement and estate planning, strategic planning, and tax aspects of business decisions for closely held and family businesses. He speaks nationwide, writes, and researches on all of these areas. He has written five loose-leaf bound books, over 300 articles, and has worked with hundreds of businesses and associations. Journals that have published Dr. Basi’s work include Money Matters, The American Journal of Small Business, the Journal of Family Law, The Journal of Estate Planning, The Tax Lawyer, Small Business Taxation, Taxation for Individuals, Taxation for Accountants, Taxation for Lawyers, The CPA Journal and The Tax Executive.

Dr. Basi is the author of “The Tax Report,” a bi-monthly report on income and estate tax matters for closely-held businesses, “Accounting and Taxes,” a monthly column distributed to individuals and trade journals, and the “Tax Tip,” a monthly tax advisory for the closely-held and family business.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting, Utica College of Syracuse University
  • Master’s Degree in Business Administration, Syracuse University
  • Juris Doctor in Law, University of Louisville
  • Doctorate in Economics and Accounting, Indiana University
  • Post-Graduate study in Taxation, Stanford University

Professional Licenses

  • Certified Public Accountant – Indiana (1967-2000)
  • Attorney at Law:
  • Kentucky (1969)
  • Pennsylvania (1972-1982)
  • Illinois (1978-present)
  • New York (2010-present)

Academic Affiliations

  • Currently holds the rank of Professor Emeritus at Southern Illinois University.
  • Formerly affiliated with Penn State University, Indiana University, The University of Louisville, and Syracuse University specializing in corporate taxation, estate planning, and business valuations.

Business Affiliations and Memberships

  • Senior Advisor, The Center for Financial, Legal and Tax Planning, Inc. The Center values approximately fifty companies per year.
  • Memberships have included the American Bar Association’s Tax Committees on estate and gift taxes, business succession, and business planning and valuation.

Former Awards, Honors and Recognitions

  • Listed in Harvard Business School Profiles in Business and Management: An International Directory of Scholars and Their Research.
  • Recipient of educational grants for advanced course work in Taxation from the Practicing Law Institute, New York.
  • Listed in The Tax Analyst Directory and the Lexis Computer Tax Library as a tax professional in the U.S., specializing in family and closely held companies.
  • Listed in Who’s Who: Comprehensive and National Registries; International Registry; Leading American Executives, and Among America’s Teachers.
  • Listed as an expert in taxes and business valuations in the Wisconsin and Illinois Register of Expert Witnesses.
  • Member of Phi Kappa Phi, national honorary, Beta Alpha Psi, accounting honorary, and Beta Gamma Sigma, business honorary.
  • Member of the Institute of Business Appraisers


francisco javier m.


Jennifer S.

Really informative. Great instructor- lots of practical advice.

Robert F.

Among the best accounting for lawyers

Edward C.

Dr. Basi presents an important episode for expert consideration.

jerold s.

Outstanding course.

Larraine D.

My college course were in business. This speaker was clear, concise and was terrific.

Kent V.

This guy is the best I've seen!!

Don B.

Dry topic presented quite well.

John C.


Keith H.

Very clear presentation. Simplified abstruse concepts. Slides were well prepared and easy to read.

Stephen l. K.

always a great lecture

Anne P.

One of my favorite professors on Lawline. Smart, clear and interesting.

Andrew S.

Crystal clear presenter.

William C.

This guy is great with financials. Very entertaining and educational! Thanks for this program.

Arthur R.

Professor Basi did an excellent job of presenting the material.

Michael T.

Bart Basi is one of the best lecturer I have had the opportunity to listen to in the CLE course studies

Patrick D.


Diren S.

Terrific job turning what can seem esoteric into practical information we can genuinely impart to clients.

James F.

Material very understandable

Chris K.

Excellent lecturer.

Khristine M.

This was one of my favorite classes. It would be useful to everyone, not just attorneys who frequently deal with valuation.

Michael F.

Speaker was awesome.

Eric S. R.

Best Lecturer!

Mary B.

Presenter is very enthusiastic and engaging. Explains accounting concepts in an understandable manner.

Jennifer N.

Inspirational teacher. Very valuable.

Alan A.R. C.

One of the best CLEs I have seen. I finally understand a balance sheet, and how it ties in to amortization. I am going to take a look at income statements and cash flow statements to see if I can understand them as now, as well.

Jacqueline C.

It's nice to finally have some Illinois attorneys providing CLE. I love the Basi's. As an attorney and accountant engaged in the purchase of a business they are doing an awesome job of refreshing my knowledge in these areas to strengthen my bargaining position. Thanks!!!

Kristin A.

Very informative.

Bohdan K.

After years of practice in the business aspects of law, this was the first course I have taken that summarized and set out the major principles of the subject so well.

Tom H.

Very well done. Strong presentation.

Jennifer F.

such a good speaker! I have very little occasion to use this material but I really enjoy his courses. I think they make me a better lawyer and also help me think critically for my personal affairs.

Nicholas D.

Great program for aspiring business lawyers and commercial litigators.


Thank you!

Paula J.

It was really useful to have the slides viewable on the same screen as the video.

Kathleen O.

Instructor appeared very passionate about topic.

Mark H.

The information, while informative and well presented, is not currently relevant to my practice.

Peter M.

Excellent speaker on great course materials!

Josh N.

Very informative,, all lawyers need an accounting course

Lynn M.

Great course for non-accounting folks.

Peter P.

Dr. Basi is one of the very best in this field. Eminently watchable / informative.

Leonard C.

Very good course. Presenter made dry topic interesting.

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