An Overview of U.S. Immigration Law (What Every Lawyer Should Know)

Production Date: January 30, 2017 Practice Areas: Immigration Law Estimated Length: 3618 minutes


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This program, led by immigration attorney Michael Wildes, is designed to provide a general overview of U.S. immigration law practitioners new to the field or for practitioners in other areas of the law, providing a review of immigration law basics as well as the intersections of immigration law and other practice areas. Here, Mr. Wildes will address various issues, such as nonimmigrant (temporary) visas, lawful permanent resident status, eligibility for U.S. citizenship, employer compliance and employer sanctions, and the anti-discrimination provisions of the Immigration and Nationality Act.  

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Understand the basics of immigration law
  2. Identify the different types of visas 
  3. Address the different types of immigration (temporary, permanent, and citizenship)
  4. Discuss immigration issues in other areas of the law, such as estate planning, income taxation, labor, corporate, family, and criminal issues
Lauren F.
New York, NY

best CLE of the program

Rebecca B.
Greenville, NC

Great presentation - very helpful and presenter is very knowledgable & passionate about the subject. The kind of people we need doing this kind of valuable work

Debra O.
Flushing, NY

Excellent presentation and materials.

Stacey M.
Glencoe, IL

very relevant and informative

David A.
San Diego, CA

Very well done

Diane R.
Manhattan, NY

The presentation was both informative and enjoyable. Thank you.

Diana M.
Austin, TX

Outstanding content and speaker.

Steven P.
New York, NY

absolutely excellent

Puyallup, WA

I was impressed by the passion Mr. Wildes has for his clients and his field of practice.

Mary F.
Fairfax, VA

very inspiring!

Christine M.
Brooklyn, NY

Excellent presentation

Kimberly R.
Englewood, CO

It was good.

Pami W.
Jericho, NY

The program was extremely informative even for the attorney who has no immigration background.

Melissa L.
Bronxville, NY

Clear and interesting content; inspirational instructor!

Terah O.
Dallas, TX

Top notch presentation.

Chris P.
New York, NY

Mr. Wildes is an expert in his field, and I appreciated the opportunity to learn from him.

Susan M. B.
Massapequa, NY

Well organized and informative presentation regarding an important and often controversial topic.

Derek C.
Raleigh, NC

Excellent overview of immigration law.

Nathaniel F.

Excellent overview of a complex topic.

William T.
Point Pleasant, NJ

Quite good. Thanks.

Thomas M.
Lee's Summit, MO

great course

Richard L.
Queens, NY

Thank you very much. I appreciate that you gave your cell number.

Joseph R.
New Haven, CT

very informative, easy to follow

James D.
Penfield, NY

Chose course to obtain overview of area in conjunction with pro bono work I am anticipating doing.

Minka L.
Waldorf, MD

Excellent Course. This is one of the best online CLE courses I've taken. It was a lot of information in a short period, but I'm glad I'll be able to refer back to the materials and presentation.

Jerry W.
Lufkin, TX

Very informative course!

Lisa C.
Chandler, AZ

Great information and expert on this topic.

Eva A.
Wilton, CT

Very informative but a lot to absorb in one session

Tiffany M.
Portland, OR

Fantastic overview of a seriously byzantine topic!

Emmerico N.
Houston, TX

Excellent Speaker

Princeton, WV

Tour de Force!

Tara N.
Tempe, AZ

Great presenter

Stephen C.
New York, NY

Great overview of immigration law

Tom G.
Montgomery, TX

Very knowledgeable speaker and a great starting point before researching.

Jane C.
Smithtown, NY

Very impressive presenter. The final statement in answer to the last question was absolutely wonderful - makes me want to go into Immigration Law. Thank you.

Karen D.
Concord, NC

Thank you

Andrea K.
Winston-Salem, NC

This is a great overview, very accessible and understandable for someone who does not primarily practice immigration law. Thanks.

Michael N.
Staten Island, NY

Very informative

Jonathan B.
Stratford, CT

Very thorough, and principled.

Linus W.
Oneida, NY

outstanding presenter, impressively knowledgeable in his field

Tony G.
Tampa, FL

Best course taken so far. you can tell not only does the presenter know his stuff but he knows how to teach it as well.

Rondal M.

A lot crammed into a short program and a good job doing it.

Renee B.
Chicago, IL

excellent presentation of a complicated and important area.

Susannah S.
ellenton, FL

impressive amount of information in a small amount of time. Loved the passion in his closing!

Brenda J. G.
Henrico, VA

Very informative.

B.A. S.
Falls Church, VA

Fabulous program!

Matthew P.
Hickory, NC


eric f.
Brooklyn, NY


Brian L.
Madison, WI

The presenter was very good. I would like to hear other presentations given by him.

Robert D C.
gainesville, FL

Excellent speaker and materials!

Suzanne N.
Seattle, WA

Great Program

Mark C.
Forest Hills, NY


Charlene A.
Mount Holly, NC

excellent presenter. love his passion for the area of law.

John T.
Austin, TX

Excellent instructor!

Holly H.
Stafford, VA

Well presented and enjoyed practical pointers at the end of the presentation

Katherine D.
Minooka, AL

Great overview for novices in the Immagration area.

Mark R.
Grapevine, TX

Very thorough.

Sara B.
Denton, TX

This was such a succinct and informative class. Far better than Texas State Bar programming and even some AILA programming, in my opinion.

Kelli K.
Manheim, PA

Excellent Presenter!

Deborah G.
Mendham, NJ

Well organized presentation!

Becky M.
Henderson, NC

Excellent Speaker : Huge amount of information provided . Wish it was 2 hours long!

Patrick D.
New York, NY

This guy is great! Loved his compassion and passion, but was he reading from a teleprompter the whole time?

Teresa B.
Alexandria, VA

Interesting and appropriate for an attorney with little to no previous knowledge of this field.

joseph m.
oak brook, IL

Great Lecture

Elan N.
Manhattan, NY

Excellent presenter

Andrew O.
Philadelphia, PA

Faculty was especially good. App was good as usual.

Steven H.
Richmond, VA

Great presentation. Clearly, very knowledgeable and passionate about his area of expertise.

Alex K.
New York, NY

It is good to view this material with the "changes" going on in our country.

Hope Marie H.
Pfafftown, NC

Wonderful presenter!!!

Eric M. J.
Easley, SC

One of the best hours I've ever spent attending a CLE!

Savonala H.
Durham, NC

This is an excellent CLE,

Colleen C.
Wilmette, IL

I have no experience whatsoever and immigration law, but I think this is an introductory course was very helpful in giving me an introductory understanding.

Sandra G.
Katy, TX

I represent a company that needs the EB5 service. Very informative.

Timothy D.
Signal Mountain, TN

Excellent info

Ny, NY


Sharon L.
San Francisco, CA

It was a good overview

Lew H.
Los Angeles, CA

Outstanding presentation; motivated me to learn more.

Marlo K.
Mendota Heights, MN

Excellent presenter.

Katrenia G.
Alpharetta, GA

Terrific Instructor.

John N.
El Paso, TX

The presenter was intimately familiar with the subject matter and presented the course in a clear and concise fashion.

Mark W.
Fishkill, NY

execellent overview for the beginner

William G.
Buffalo, NY

Excellent presentation

Jane F.
Elkins Park, PA

Michael was informative and sincere in his delivery. Enjoyable.


Instructor was excellent.

Georgia M.
Kailua, CA

What a fantastic legal advocate for immigrants. I love his family story, also, both past and his kids. I would take courses from this lawyer again. Thank you!

pamela s.
Dothan, AL


Leslie S.
Malvern, PA

I found this case robust and relevant as a motivational push for me, as a board certified lawyer with 27 plus years of experience in my firm. Thank you very much.

Michael J. L.
Plainfield, NJ

Excellent on every level. Passion in the service of the good is a virtue. Bravo, to Mr. Wilde.

Anya D.
New York, NY

One of the best I've heard! Superb!!!

Sarah B.
Sacramento, CA

Very comprehensive and useful as an overview!

richard m.
Merced, CA

passionate advocate, truly well spoken

Carl M.
Bellingham, WA

This is not my area of law but I found the presentation very interesting and appreciate the passion the presenter has for his field.

anne marie L.
Houston, TX

Very well-spoken and interesting

Anthony W.
Missouri City, TX

I really enjoyed the speaker's passion and knowledge of the subject matter.

Jay H.
Huntsville, TX

Excellent presentation.

Frank R.
Houston, TX

Very good!

erick w.
el paso, TX


Michele G G.
Lexington, TX

Mr. Wildes was an outstanding presenter.

James S.
Queens, NY


Columbus, OH

Tremendous amount of information. Best online CLE I have taken.

Linda L.
Manchester, CT

I loved this presentation. I should listen to it several times as it was extremely dense in presenting the basic statutory and regulatory information in this complicated area of the law.

Bertha D.
Columbus, OH

Excellent course. I enjoyed the course and the information provided. The instructor is a true professor that knows how to teach his subject. Best course yet! Attorneys that work for him are very fortunate to learn and work for him.

Ruth R.

I already have a colleague in mind to whom I will recommend this program.

Marcia M.
Dallas, TX

Excellent presentation!

John C B.
Birmingham, AL

Good class

Crystal M.
Redlands, CA

Great course & enthusiastic approach to Immigration Law.

Amanda H.
San Jose, CA

great teaching by a lawyer who clearly loves his chosen field

Irina R.
Hermosa Beach, CA

Excellent program.

Catherine M.
Chicago, IL

this was excellent

T. O.
Alexandria, VA

Mr. Wildes gave a very informative and well-reasoned presentation. for which he is to be commended in the highest terms. Thank you for sharing so much valuable information with us in such a short space of time!

Mary R.
Bristol, TN

Very effective presenter

Lori K.
Holly Springs, NC

Best CLE I have attended all year. I am not an immigration attorney but found this course well organized, informative and the instructor was exceptional.

Bryan B.
Mountain Brook, AL

Very informative.

Andrew G.
Cincinnati, OH

Fabulous speaker!

Wilson C.
New Fairfield, CT

Great job!

Paul A.
Columbus, OH

Great speaker!

Frank C.
Wilmington, DE

Fantastic presentation

Michael B.
Grapevine, TX

Great speaker. Very knowledgeable.

Michael H.
Canonsburg, PA

Very informative course.

Robin E.
Nashville, TN

Thank You

Emily M.
Reston, VA

Great intro course on immigration for a non-immigration attorney

Andrew S.
Far Hills, NJ

Overall this course is excellent, but I thought this course pushed one side of the political issue of immigration a bit too much.

Rose V.
Forest Hills, NY


Dwight V.
Arlington, VA

Speaker was very knowledgeable, passionate, and inspiring. Would be interested to know his proposals for immigration reform which he references at the end of his talk.

Kathryn G.
Santa Fe, NM

Very helpful.

Judith B.
New York, NY

Informative and clear.

Lisa M.

Excellent instructor

Edmund A. F.
Oradell, NJ

Great course.

Merry B.
Tacoma, WA

Good Overview!

Steve S.
delray beach, FL

Good basic coverage

Alisa Y.
New York, NY

Excellent overview.

Sarah B.
Alexandria, VA

A passionate speaker who spoke with enthusiasm on the topic.

Jennifer B.
Columbus, OH

Great overview. Wonderful closing remarks.


ALot of excellent information

Larry S.

Really great.

george h.
Crawfordville, FL

The presentation was well organized. Thank you.

Paul F.
Lombard, IL

One of the better lawline presenters.

Nancy Moss G.
Reno, NV

Bravo, Michael Wildes. Informative & Enjoyable, sometimes a rare combination.

Jennifer H.
Austin, TX

Very good

Donald L.
Goshen, NY

very well outlined

Beverly C.
Columbus, OH

Very informative. Thank you for letting me take it for free. Did know much about immigration law.

Tom H.
Orange, VA

One of best Lawline presentations ever. Speaker passionate and knowledgeable, Only wish he had more time.

John K.

Outstanding presentation!

John C.

Presenter was extremely knowledgeable

Thomas E.
Williamston, MI

Great job

Christopher S.
Milwaukee, WI

Great presentation.

David M.
Flower Mound, TX

Great overview of immigration framework

Joan B.
Shawano, WI

Very Well done.

Nicholas G.
Arlington, VA


Bo T.
Pasadena, CA

Best presenter in a long time!!

Anne W.
Richmond, VA

presenter clearly loves his work!

Neil G.
Lake Hiawatha, NJ

One of the best CLE lectures I have ever seen.

Sandra K.
New York, NY

I liked the presenter's approach and philosophy - positive and uplifting.

jodi p.
Narberth, PA

Thank you!

Jeffrey B.
Carle Place, NY


Lindsey G.
Carolina Beach, NC

Excellent. Thank you.

Josefina B.
El Paso, TX


Cliff T.
Lexington, MA


Katherine W.
Williamsville, NY

Excellent program

Joan S.
Orlando, FL

Thoroughly enjoyed!

Paul R.
Monroe Township, NJ

great job Mike!

Patrick E.
Wickliffe, OH

Very interesting and great summary of the area of law.

Jeffrey S.
cold spring harbor, NY

great program

Lawrence G.

Excellent presenter.

Samuel P.
Orlando, FL


Amy F.
Buffalo, NY

excellent program; highly qualified!!

Joe G.
Philadelphia, PA

The presenter was fantastic

Steven K.
Northport, NY

Part of my all day drive, and now I can intelligently discuss Immigration with my friend who only handles that area of law.

Westminster, CA

The speaker was very informative and covered good basics that a non-immigration would not know.

Paul U.
Shrewsbury, NJ

Well presented with enthusiasm and passion.

Frank S.
Uniondale, NY

The presenter knew the material very well and presented it in a very understandable fashion.

Tami W.
Riverside, CT

Michael Wilde was terrific.

Dianne O.

Thank you!


Liked it a lot. Educational and his passion for the area made it interesting.

Carla R.
Pelham Manor, NY

At first I wasn't to thrilled with the several plugs for his own firm, but his wrap up was outstanding. Bravo Michael, for speaking the truth!!! I hope you are right that this too shall pass - not soon enough!!!

F. Renee R.
Atlanta, GA


mark g.
Yorktown, TX

very informative Mark Giles

Edward S.
east islip, NY

Excellent primer. So many Visas

P D.
Buffalo, NY

The lecturer was very knowledgeable of the subject matter.

stephanie b.
Los Angeles, CA


Jeffrey B.
Troy, NY

This attorney's expertise is unquestionable. Thanks.

Angela R.
Houston, TX

extremely informative for non-immigration practitioners

Teddy M.
Salisbury, NC

Relevant, to-the-point, practical knowledge was imported in this CLE. Great job!

Oscar P.
Laredo, TX

Very good.

Michael H.
High Springs, FL

A fabulous and informative presentation by Michael Wildes.

Rachel C.
Clifton, NJ

Excellent and comprehensive overview.

Marien Z.
Antioch, IL

Great overview. Highly recommended

Jonathan C.
Chicago, IL


Joseph M.
Rockville Centre, NY

Very good presentation by Mr. Wildes and very good course

Frances S.
Valhalla, NY

Best line ever - this to shall pass

James M.
Hohman Associates, TX

really good detail

Joan K L.
Arlington, VA

Extremely informative. I would like to see additional courses from this presenter.

Nancy F.
Fairfax, VA

Very informative.

Barry T.
Chesapeake, VA

great presentation

Kathy D.
Lahaina, HI


Philip H.
McLean, VA

Excellent - content, presentation

Andrea B.
Morganville, NJ

Highly informative. Excellent presentation.

Robin Barnett S.
Silver Spring, MD

Tempo very fast--enough to get one to know not to touch!

Daniel R.
Washington, DC


Erin H.
Norfolk, VA

extremely well organized and useful

Kathryn A.
Williamsburg, VA


Helaine B.
Winter Springs, FL

This was an excellent presentation.

Wayne G.
Norfolk, VA

This guy was a great presenter.

Stephanie H.
Richmond, VA

Mr. Wildes is EXCELLENT!

Cathleen W.
Vienna, VA

One of the best CLE courses I have taken. Short but super informative.

Nicole T.
Richmond, VA

I truly enjoyed Mr. Wildes presentation and love of his field of practice. Thank you!

James L.
Phoenix, AZ

the speaker was very articulate and professional

Sean L.
Sturgeon Bay, WI

Good cursory overview

Leslie G.
Tumwater, WA


Belinda B.
Sugar Land, TX

very informative

Michael S.
Austin, TX

Mr. Wildes was really good, made one actually want to listen to him. His written materials are excellent and I am certain that I will be referring to them time and again.

Kenneth R.
Manhattan Beach, CA

A lot of information in a short program.

gretal t.
Sterling, VA

very informative - thank you!

Grover O.
Arnold, MD

Overall, a strong presenter with excellent subject matter expertise and pithy, well-organized slides. While justifiably proud of his family's accomplishments, the presenter could have made fewer mentions of father's, son's & daughter's legal careers and the current political climate (1 week after POTUS # 45's election).

Marjorie C.
Alexandria, VA

Michael Wilde is a rock star!

Joseph W.
Glenside, PA

Instructed was both very knowledgeable and also calmly passionate about the subject matter, which I found to be most helpful.

george w.
New York, NY

A talking encyclopedia of standard immigration law

Thaddeus B.
Tampa, FL

Terrific presentation. Such passion! Best course I have taken this year. Kudos for a job well done, and congratulations on your legacy. You are justifiably proud of your heritage and your children. God bless!

Lide P.
Washington, DC


Julie S.
Fairfax, VA

Really liked how the speaker is so passionate about his practice.

Elizabeth C.
North Miami Beach, FL


Walter S.
Alexandria, VA

Good class with a good instructor!

Kerline P.
Springfield, VA

Very educational.

Michael S.
Alexandria, VA

Great introduction to immigration law.

Barbara L.
Norfolk, VA


Luana R. L.
Shirley, NY

Very interesting content and I loved the speech at the end. Very "robust"lecture.

Kristina B.
Maple Valley, WA

really clear and well organized presentation

Michael B.
Elizabethville, PA

Met my expectations.

Kathryn K.
Arlington, VA

For those of us in other fields, this was a good course to help identify when we need to reach out for assistance. Tx you!

Diana K.
Oceanside, NY

Great summary. Passionate speaker.

Katherine W.
Arlington, VA

great course!

Petra S.
Beverly Hills, CA

The best course of the VA bundle

Robin F.
Douglaston, NY


Lawrence J.
Amherst, VA


John G.
virginia beach, VA

exceptionally interesting speaker

Robert L.
San Antonio, TX

Very good introductory class for immigration. I highly recommend this course as a first course if you are going into this field.

Russell B.
Norfolk, VA

One of the Finest Lawline Presenters.

Kathleen F.
Natick, MA

Great overview, wonderful presenter.

Michele J.
Seattle, WA

Excellent for introduction to this area of the law. Also inspirational for practicing in this area. Support clear from presenter for participants in the course.

Anne Marie D.
Long Beach, NY

So timely

Dru B.
Millersville, MD

Well done on a very broad and complex topic. Thank you.

sheila c.
Wilton, CT

Really thorough

susan e.
Neenah, WI

Nice program - I miss immigration law:)


The lecture was very well organized and informative.

Janet S.
Chicago, IL

Excellent discussion of a very confusing topic.

Eric F.
Lansing, MI

Course was outstanding

irina a.
reno, NV

best presentation, including content and delivery. I listened to some sections twice. Thank you!

Jon D.
Denver, CO

Good basic structural review by an expert with passion for his area.

Jacob A.
Boca Raton, FL

This was very informative. Very good presenter.

Theresa C.
Columbus, OH

I am not an immigration attorn but the information was very thorough, and gave me a better understanding of the potential challenges face by immigration attorneys attempting to assist those who want to immigrate to this country.

Georgian P.
Birmingham, AL

Excellent presentation! The speaker was so knowledgeable and interesting. Materials very thorough. Learned important information and would enjoy follow up courses with the same speaker! Great topic!

Thomas D.
Washington, DC

Excellent presenter!

Elizabeth S.
Hinsdale, IL


Nina S.
Silver Spring, MD

Great introductory course and very important given the current climate in our country. Really happy to have taken this.

Ricky G.
Cleveland, OH

Excellent Program

judy S.
Norfolk, VA

I appreciate the closing comments.

Donna S.
Oakdale, NY

This was an excellent course. Both the speaker and the course materials get my highest rating.

Ralph P.

terrific basic course for those f us looking to get a great introduction to the topic

David N.
Valhalla, NY

Great lecturer. Please have him back to discuss another topic. Passionate about what he does

Jacqueline S.
Redondo Beach, CA

Excellent speaker and very informative.

Ken G.
Dallas, TX

good work

Bruce C.
Culpeper, VA

good introduction to those without knowledge in area. Helps to understand where red flags are to be found.

Peter T.
Carrollton, TX


Eric L.
New York, NY

Great instructor.

Sherry G.
Vista, CA

Packed a great deal into the hour. Very informative and excellent foundation for building upon in the future. I highly recommend this course.

Dennis B.
Phoenix, AZ

Outstanding instructor. One of the best.

Richard R.
Alexandria, VA

As he said at the beginning, very timely this year. Not an area of law in which I practice—I watched this because of current events and it did not disappoint.

Bernard L.
Glastonbury, CT

Very Dense, but easy to follow

Merrick W.
Houston, TX

Excellent presentation by a knowledgeable and effective instructor, but a lot to absorb in a short time. Probably the most valuable information was his email address and cell phone number.

L. Obii A.
Houston, TX

This course was very informative and helpful. Will certainly recommend it to those who need consultation in the field of immigration law.

Rommel M.
Elizabeth, NJ

Great course!

David Z.

Another excellent presentation by Lawline.

Kevin O.
Grand Ledge, MI

Michael Wildes Rocks!

Cristy C.
Greenfield, TN

Excellent Introduction to Immigration Law

michael a.
Brooklyn, NY


Elizabeth D.
Alexandria, VA

Another great course from Lawline!

Nancy K.
Arlington, VA

Excellent instructor --- would like more courses from him.

John K.
Athens, OH

Well done.

Donna T.
Winston-Salem, NC

Thank you for the opportunity to learn some very important basics about this area of law.

Jennifer C.

Amazing speaker

David S.
Garden City, NY

great program!

Nancy P.
Annandale, VA

Fabulous presentation -- couldn't agree more. May I give 5's for ratings?

Timothy H.
Olympia, WA

Mr. Wildes was outstanding and inspiring

Peggy F.
Bedford, TX

Michael Wildes was excellent.

kay M.
Houston, TX

Excellent presentation. Thank you Excellent presentation.

Edmund B.

Another great course!

Rick K.
Irving, TX


Jennifer H.
Milwaukee, WI

Outstanding course! Lawline: this is a model course. There was so much law, context, illuminating examples and current commentary entertainingly delivered in 1 hour. All courses should aim to be of this caliber. Thank you very much!

William C.
Leesburg, VA

I thought this presenter was excellent. I loved not only his knowledge of the subject but his passion about it also.

Jaime C.
Austin, TX

Excellent presentation!

Richard C.
Kerrville, TX

Perfect introductory course for the beginner to Immigration Law. But also a wonderful refresher course for any current practitioner. Well done!

Mohammed Z.
Richmond, TX

wonderful and informative course

Shannon M.
Chantilly, VA

Very informative class. A lot of information was provided in a short amount of time. Refreshing to see a practitioner so passionate about this field of law.

Robert S.
Washington, DC

good program

Christina G.
San Antonio, TX

This lecturer was excellent.

Andrew P.
Manvel, TX

Fantastic presentation! I don;t know anything about this area of law and I loved the presentation. Mazel Tov Michael on your legacy!

Keith M.

Good introduction to immigration law

Marsha H.
Newbern, TN

excellent, concise snapshot of the basics\

Rachael H.
Falls Church, VA

Good overview

Jason S.
Champaign, IL

Super comprehensive and effective presentation.

James W.
Nederland, TX

One of the best online presentations I have ever seen. Faculty was passionate and it showed in his presentation.

Amber P.
Pflugerville, TX

Michael Wilde's knowledge was showcased by his topnotch delivery.

Hector V.
Austin, TX

Fantastic overview. Great passion by the speaker. A very nice call to action at the end to remind attorneys why they are advocates. I appreciate his willingness to help attorneys new to this field of law. Will be looking to take more courses by the speaker if offered. Thank you for your concise presentation.

Gavino M.
Austin, TX

Great course. Covered a lot of material however I feel this course could be longer to elaborate on certain issues even further.

MIchael A.
San Antonio, TX

It was good.

June B. F.
Lake Zurich, IL


Cori H.
Dallas, TX

Very good presenter.

Andrew B.
East Brunswick, NJ

Really great program!!!

Adison B.
Overland Park, KS

This was an informative overview of the visas available.

Rich R.
Houston, TX

Fine course. Thanks Lawline!

Stacey W.
Triangle, VA

nice presentation

Nancy A. R.
Travis, TX

very passionate about the topic - nice!

Colleen W.
Somers, NY

The program and speaker were excellent as was the slide presentation.

Juliane S.
Richmond, VA

Presenter was very knowledgeable; good overview.

Lauren R.
Redondo Beach, CA

I very much appreciated the online interface. It was easy to use and effective. Thank you.

Darryl B.
Brooklyn, NY

My first Lawline course and I really enjoyed it!

Thomas H.
Lawrence Township, NJ

I learned a lot about immigration law from this presentation. Although somewhat overwhelming, the speaker and slides capably illustrated the intricacies of this important area of the law. I would definitely recommend this to my colleagues.

Julia S.
Arlington, VA

This program packed a great deal of content into one hour.

Deborah S.
Glencoe, IL


Frederick K.
Dayton, NV

There was a tremendous amount of material covered in a very short time, but despite the density, the program was outstanding.

Phoenix, AZ

Great presentation!

Eric P.
Dallas, TX


Cecelia B.
Dallas, TX

Probably the best speaker i have ever heard on Lawline. Excellent!

Janet G.
Harrison, AR

Fabulous Speaker, Michael Wildes.

Peter L.
Dallas, TX

Great presenter. Thanks.

Colleen M.
Fort Worth, TX

fabulous presentation and current to climate here in the USA

matthew l.
buffalo, NY


Joseph Z.
Sweet, ID

Michael was fantastic and very transparent!

Kathleen G.
Sacramento, CA

A truly excellent overview. Mr. Wildes is an excellent teacher.


his passion is contagious

David G.
Silver Spring, MD

Michael is a terrific presenter. This is one of the best on-line CLEs I've had. A great overview for the non-immigration lawyer.

Spenta C.
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Michael Wildes is a fantastic teacher! He clearly loves what he does and it shows. I knew nothing about immigration and came away with some basic knowledge. Thank you!

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Great course!

Springfield, VA

One of the best, most timely presentations I have ever seen or attended.

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Lawrence C.

Very thorough & informative course.

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Attorney Michael Wildes is a fantastic presenter. He appears highly knowledgeable in the area of immigration. He's even making me rethink my current practice of IP.

Kieran M.
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Great summary of the field! Mr. Wilde is a knowledegable and enthusiastic presenter. Thank you.

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Excellent balance between reciting categories and excessive detail for a survey. Plan to revisit several times.

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well put together and informative lecture by an extremely adept speaker.

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Michael Wilde is a great presenter and teacher. I love his enthusiasm for this important work. He is the kind of lawyer who can enhance our profession to the public..

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very illuminating for an international tax lawyer who deals with expatriate's from and unto the counties on the continents around the globe. I led a whole corporate program with its own subsidiaries everywhere. Thanks for the opportunity. provided here.

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Saint Paul, MN

This was fantastic!

William M.

I especially appreciate that he kept this easily digestible and comprehensible to one with little background in the field (such as myself) while presenting a thorough overview.

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Alexandria, VA

The speaker was very professional, knowledgeable and sincere. Especially during this time of trouble and turbulence coming from the current administration, it was good to hear an immigration lawyer speak up for their rights, hopes, and dreams.

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Great overview. Thank you for offering assistance to those new to the practice.

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