An Overview of Non-Compete Agreements and Non-Solicit Provisions

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Produced on: June 12, 2017

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Time 93 minutes
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In this program, employment attorney Jonathan Cooper provides an overview of the legal landscape concerning non-compete agreements. Over the last few years, a number of states, and even the White House, have weighed in on non-compete and non-solicit provisions, staking claims that overzealous employers have overreached by trying to hold low-income employees to restrictive covenants, and should therefore be banned. As a result, many employers—and employees—have been left wondering whether existing agreements are enforceable, and if so, to what extent a court will be willing to enforce that agreement.

Participants of this class are welcome to receive a free copy of “To Compete or Not to Compete: The Definitive Insider's Guide to Non-Compete Agreements in New York” by clicking on the hyperlink to the book and filling out the book order form.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Review the factors that courts across different jurisdictions in the country will consider to determine whether a particular non-compete agreement is enforceable
  2. Understand under what circumstances a fiduciary, or former employee, is permitted to solicit his old clients
  3. Discuss the reasonable expectations and options that an employer has at its disposal when confronting a situation where a disloyal former employee poaches his clients, or otherwise violates his employment agreement
  4. Consider, from an employee’s perspective, some of the best ways to get around a non-compete agreement 


Jonathan Cooper

Law Offices of Jonathan M. Cooper

Jonathan Cooper has practiced in the civil litigation context, representing small businesses and seriously injured individuals before New York’s trial and appellate courts for roughly 20 years, concentrating in the areas of non-competes, breach of contract and school and municipal liability and negligence.

Mr. Cooper is the author of six books, including "To Compete or Not to Compete: The Definitive Insider's Guide to Non-Compete Agreements in New York," and "When the Schools Fail to Protect Our Kids: A Parent's Guide to School & Daycare Negligence in New York."

After graduating cum laude from Yeshiva University (one of the Top 50 Universities in the United States) with a degree in English Literature, Mr. Cooper attended the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law as both a David Berg and Earle I. Mack Scholar. He is admitted to practice before all of New York's trial courts, the Federal courts in the Eastern and Southern Districts of New York, as well as the United States Supreme Court.

He has also co-authored practice commentaries on these rules for one of the country's premier legal publishers. Mr. Cooper is privileged in that he is regularly engaged by other law firms in defective products and complex accident cases as their trial and appellate counsel.

Since childhood, Mr. Cooper has enjoyed playing tennis. While in college, he not only started for his varsity team, he even used to teach tennis to young children in the summers between semesters. Mr. Cooper lives in Far Rockaway, New York with his beautiful wife and 9 - that's right nine! - adorable and spunky children.


Richard W.

Good program. Very thorough.

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Fantastic seminar.

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Very respectful and chock full of knowledge

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Terrific presentation. Covers a lot of ground in a simple and concise manner.

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Nicely done.

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excellent speaker and course

Frederick B.

Important information

Patricia H.

Excellent course.

Amy F.

I appreciate this course very much. I selected it "on demand" because I am dealing with a non compete/non disclosure agreement right now and everything I needed to know to provide guidance to my client was included in this course. Thank you.

James T.

Excellent speaker.

Kathryn C.

Lecture and materials both very thorough.

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Great lecture

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Excellent program.

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Good collection of major NY cases in this area.

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Wow. He really knew his stuff!

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The instructor demonstrated a mastery of the topic.

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Outstanding course; very knowledgeable speaker.

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Good instructor, precise and practical

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Very well organized

Diana K.

Very helpful

Jennifer H.

Outstanding content. Deeply technical while tying back to organized principles. Thank you!

Caterina C.

Very clear introduction

michael a.

Excellent written materiuals. Thank you.

Damon M.

Very informative!

Michelle K.

kind and generous presenter

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