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An Overview of International Litigation & Arbitration

1h 1m

Created on October 19, 2017



Dispute resolution in cross-border and cross-ocean transactions requires consistency, fairness, predictability, expediency and collectability. In the United State the preferred method of resolution is by litigation. In contrast, the rest of the world far prefers arbitration.

This course, taught by Fox Rothschild Partner Craig Tractenberg, will compare international litigation and arbitration and help you choose which method best serves your clients' purpose. The program will cover best practices in selecting a neutral forum to instill confidence in all parties, the importance of selecting governing law, how to present your case, and the different roles of the judge, arbitrator and helpful client.

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Understand the importance of selecting a neutral forum and decision maker
  2. Assess governing law, the law of the venue of the litigation or seat of the arbitration
  3. Identify the different roles of the judge, arbitrator, and helpful client
  4. Explore best practices in the presentation of your case and your witnesses
  5. Discuss differences in collectability based on the forum and the dispute resolution process

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