An Overview of Dental Malpractice Claims

Production Date: May 08, 2017 Practice Areas: Personal Injury and Negligence, Litigation, and Health Care Law Estimated Length: 3640 minutes


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This program, presented by attorney Elizabeth Pope, provides a general overview of dental malpractice claims. It includes a discussion of dental specialties and key terms, an overview of the most common dental injuries leading to lawsuits and case specific tips to address such injuries, frequent legal issues encountered in dental malpractice claims, tips and tactics to prepare a dental malpractice claim for trial, and a discussion of trends in dental malpractice litigation.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Gain an understanding of common dental terms, differences among specialties and the treatments provided, and common injuries alleged
  2. Explore best practices in preparing a dental malpractice case up to and during trial
  3. Discuss evolving trends in dental malpractice litigation and the expansion of legal theories into dental malpractice claims
Caroline P.
Pensacola, FL

Good coverage over a not so fun topic!

Loxahatchee, FL

Good course! I was a hygienist before becoming a lawyer; I thought the material was presented very well for those who are unfamiliar with dentistry.

Amy E.
Weston, FL


Harriet B.
Orlando, FL

Good information.

Irina K.
Jacksonville Beach, FL

Interesting topic. One of my favorite speakers.

Michael M.
Torrance, CA


rosemarie p.
Easton, CT

Excellent... did a great job given both sides of the the case.

andrew k.
miami, FL


Lourdes G.
Miami, FL

The Speaker did a great job.

Charleen J.
Tampa, FL

Interesting subject & good speaker

Christopher B.
Lancaster, NY

I thought the content of the program (even the scientific portions) was presented in a way that was helpful and easy to understand.

Eric F.
Lansing, MI

Outstanding presentation!

C. T. A.
Hope, AR

Very knowledgeable. Very helpful