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An Introduction To Video Gaming Law

1h 1m

Created on June 19, 2017




The video game industry has grown rapidly and is now larger than the Hollywood movie industry. In part, this growth has been driven by new business models, including the shift from prepackaged video game software to online and mobile distribution and the use of virtual goods and virtual currency. These changing business models have given rise to new legal issues. Additionally, many games are based on simulated gambling mechanics (mobile slot-based games) or include mini-games that include such mechanics. These mechanics can present potential gambling-related legal issues if not structured properly.

The runaway success of some games has led to copying or cloning of these games. As a result of this copying, the need for comprehensive intellectual property strategies is more important than ever. Yet, many games do not adopt comprehensive strategies. Some game companies face other IP challenges resulting from dealings with business partners. For example, when licensing IP upon which a game is based, or when hiring a developer to create a game for you, the IP provisions of those agreements can be critical. And finally, once you have launched a great game, you need to advertise it.

There are a number of scenarios that arise with game advertising that can lead to legal issues. Explore them in this fascinating introductory course, led by attorney James Gatto of Sheppard Mullin.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand the legal issues associated with the use of virtual goods and virtual currency in games

  2. Identify and avoid gambling issues with games

  3. Explore the range of options for IP protection for games and how to develop comprehensive IP strategies

  4. Gain insights into IP issues to be considered with third party game-related agreements

  5. Explore different fact scenarios that can lead to advertising issues with games 

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