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An Introduction to the Title Report for the New York Practitioner


Created on March 13, 2018




Insurance that protects owners of real property and mortgage lenders against future claims for past defects (better known as title insurance) is a crucial component to the real estate transaction. An introduction to the concepts and practicalities of the insuring of title to real property is essential for the practitioner, even those who have even a remote contract with real estate transactions in their areas of practice.

Join attorney George Russo for a presentation of the basic concepts behind title insurance in New York State. Here he will discuss the coverage of title insurance as well as the breakdown of the title report.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Determine what title insurance is as well as what it does - and doesn't - cover
  2. Break down the title report
  3. Identify the difference between marketable & insurable title
  4. Grasp the different types of ownership of real property
  5. Discuss survey coverage
  6. Address the role of the title closer

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