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An Introduction to the Title Report for the New York Practitioner

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Produced on March 13, 2018

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Course Information

Time 51 minutes
Difficulty Beginner
Categories Real Estate

Course Description

Insurance that protects owners of real property and mortgage lenders against future claims for past defects (better known as title insurance) is a crucial component to the real estate transaction. An introduction to the concepts and practicalities of the insuring of title to real property is essential for the practitioner, even those who have even a remote contract with real estate transactions in their areas of practice.

Join attorney George Russo for a presentation of the basic concepts behind title insurance in New York State. Here he will discuss the coverage of title insurance as well as the breakdown of the title report.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Determine what title insurance is as well as what it does - and doesn't - cover
  2. Break down the title report
  3. Identify the difference between marketable & insurable title
  4. Grasp the different types of ownership of real property
  5. Discuss survey coverage
  6. Address the role of the title closer

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George Russo

The Law Offices of George Russo and Associates

George Russo graduated from St. John’s University and went on to attend New York Law School where he attained his Juris Doctor degree.

Prior to beginning his own practice, George Russo served as an assistant District Attorney in the Queens District Attorney’s Office. Over the past 25 years, he has built a law firm specializing in a number of practice areas including: Immigration, Real Estate, Foreclosure Defense, and Debt Related Consumer Law matters.


William K.

4 very very good one of the best courses clear and informative give Mr. Russo a cigar

James F.

Good introduction to the area

David C.


Phyllis C.

Content rich

Richard m.

The Faculty did a good job presenting an overview of an important topic.

Lisa P.

I loved this class. 22 credits taken and this guy was wonderful.

Thomas S.

Very pragmatic course. Every lawyer should be taught this in school.

Opal B.

As an attorney who primarily works these days as an associate real estate broker, this course gave me a very helpful understanding of the title report. Thus understanding will provide me with greater insight into the complete purchase transaction experience of my clients and customers, most of whom are buyers,

Otto M.

Good Presentation

Daoud A.

Very good intro/overview of a complex topic.

Hillary B.

Great presentation!


very knowledgeable and easy to follow

Leo G.

An excellent topic!!!

James B.

I thought this was speaker was excellent. He gave a very understandable and relatable presentation and clarified the major title issues and the reasons for them.

Jaclyn C.

good program

Sean L.

I have been practicing in the field of residential real estate closings for 25 years. I took this 1 hour CLE just to make sure I am still "sharp" in the basics. I picked up a few good pointers from George. Thank you!

Frank D.

Knowledgeable speaker

John H.

Good overview

Steven B.

greatly informative

Ruth H.

The most useful and practical presentation I have heard to date. Presenter was also very clear and concise, easy to listen to, and best of all-he sounds just like Joe Pesci.

Anusha G.

Great explanation of a topic I knew little about. Engaging speaker

Yuet W.

This was a great introduction course, that explains what title companies do and all the parties that are involved. I also liked that he broke down the title report. I looks intimidating, but when he broke down the parts it made sense. Highly recommend this course.

Barbara R.

Very informative and concise. I greatly enjoyed this program.

Cory R.

Excellent introduction. Clear and well organized. Very helpful.

Charles T.

Mr. Russo was extremely knowledgeable. His presentation was both clear and interesting. I will look to take more courses taught by him.

Peter W.

Excellent overview.

Frederick k.

Very Helpful!

Charles T.

Very good presentation.

Helen E.

Nice accommodating tutor who offered his email for more in depth discussions on particular concepts.

Steven F.

Good intro or refresher for someone who does not handle (or has not handled in a long while) real estate closings. Material and presentation were well organized.

Christina M.

Good speaker. Love when you use local counsel. Thirty years in real estate practice and clarified something for me! If I learn one new thing I am thrilled.

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