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An Introduction to Approaching Individual Bankruptcies

1h 4m

Created on February 07, 2017




Just as no two people are alike, individual bankruptcy cases are not homogenous.

This course will discuss how to approach individual bankruptcy cases while anticipating those differences.  Not all individual cases are consumer cases, nor are all consumer cases truly consumer debts.  Individuals with mortgage issues may fare better in chapter 11 than 13. Delaying a filing may yield more benefits than an emergency filing. Understanding these differences is key to serving each client effectively, from intake through litigation. This course will also address protecting practitioners in an area where Congress treats lawyers as the clients' enemy. This is not just an introduction to bankruptcy law - the goal is equipping you to meet clients and their needs. 

Learning Objective: 

  1. Understand best practices for preparing an individual for bankruptcy, from the initial intake through filing
  2. Articulate the differences between consumer debts, mortgage foreclosures, and other common types of debt underlying individual bankruptcies
  3. Be aware of the different kinds of individual bankruptcy filings, and identify which ones will best serve your client's needs

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