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An Attorney's Practical Guide to the Hiring, Management, and Termination of Employees

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Produced on September 27, 2019

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Course Information

Time 63 minutes
Difficulty Intermediate

Course Description

Employment laws are continually evolving, as are employers’ obligations toward their employees. In this program, Suzanne Herrmann Brock and James La Rocca, attorneys in Gibbons P.C.’s Employment and Labor Law Department, will walk through employer obligations at every stage of the employment process, offering guidance, and practical insights to help attorneys advise employers at every turn. 

Recent legislation, case law, and administrative guidance has made it increasingly challenging for employers to navigate the assortment of obligations they face. At just the beginning of the employment process, these obligations concern job posting requirements, permissible inquiries on job applications, background checks, pre-employment drug testing, and I-9 compliance. Post-hire, employers must be ready to effectively and properly manage their workforces to ensure productivity and minimize the risk of future litigation. When an employee’s time with an employer comes to an end, employers must be prepared to support any decision to involuntarily terminate employment and safeguard their assets.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Discuss what information may be obtained and used at various stages in the hiring process
  2. Identify best practices for performance management and the repercussions of failing to address and document performance concerns in an effective and timely manner
  3. Establish guidelines for involuntary employment terminations and understand the options for reducing risk
  4. Develop policies and procedures that will help improve the employment hiring, management, and termination processes

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Time and again, Mr. La Rocca has been a trusted advisor to employers in both the private and public sectors. He regularly represents clients in connection with legal issues involving labor unions, including in the context of union organizing and collective bargaining. Additionally, both unionized and non-unionized employers routinely call on Mr. La Rocca to aggressively represent them in litigation, including in cases involving claims of breach of contract, discrimination, harassment, retaliation, unfair competition, and wage/hour violations. Mr. La Rocca also provides employers with day-to-day counseling on an assortment of workplace issues to help prevent litigation in the first instance.

Mr. La Rocca has worked for clients of all sizes across a number of industries. His clients have included Fortune 50 businesses, family businesses, and everything in between, including government entities. His work has spanned the construction, education, entertainment, financial services, healthcare, hospitality, insurance, legal, media, real estate, sports, telecommunications, and transportation industries.

Mr. La Rocca is a frequent speaker and writer on key developments in the labor and employment field.

Ms. Brock practices employment litigation and counseling on behalf of employers. In her litigation practice, she is a zealous advocate for her clients and routinely defends wrongful discharge, discrimination, harassment, whistleblower, retaliation, violation of non-compete agreements, and wage and hour claims in state and federal courts and administrative agencies. Ms. Brock is known for her skill in employment litigation involving complex and novel claims for emotional distress damages.

Ms. Brock is also a trusted advisor to numerous employers for whom she provides counsel and advice on all phases of the employment relationship. She focuses on employment counseling to mid-size employers undergoing rapid growth, helping them to ensure compliance with the numerous, complex, and changing employment laws of which growing employers must be cognizant.

In addition, a significant portion of Ms. Brock’s practice is representing institutions of higher education. She works with colleges and universities to defend claims brought by faculty, administrators, and students in federal and state courts and the Office of Civil Rights. Ms. Brock also assists universities in Title IX investigations, as well as training to keep them up to date on important legal changes affecting institutions of higher education.


Julie B.

Very informative!

Deborah B.

Interesting information that all attorneys should put into practice!

John D.

The presenters were well versed in the subject matter and presented it well...

Frank S.

The two lawyers were really good.

Timothy Q.

Very good. I wish they had more time on the termination portion of the program.

Daniel M.

Good and important information for law practices of all sizes.

Sarah W.

I really enjoy a CLE like this where presenters work together. It makes the CLE much more entertaining.

Keith B.

Very well done. Good and easy to follow outline of key topics. Knowledgeable presenters.

Pamela K.

It did exactly what it needed to do. Remind us of the basics in labor law. Excellent.

Lauren C.

Very good

Daniel W.

excellent overview of employment law!!!!

James A.

Clear and well-organized.

Barry G.

Both speakers are very effective.

Dennis S.

Very good primer for all managers and owners, not just for attorneys.

Lorenzo L.

The instructors were excellent and took time to explain the potential pitfalls in hiring and terminating employees.

Margaret R.

Comprehensive, effective presentation.

Leonard S.

Very relevant to all forms of employers not just law firms.

Shengming S.


Allan S.

Great Presentation. Very useful information

Brett C.

An excellent presentation. Very clear and accessible.

Susan C.

great presentation! both presenters were clear and easy to follow.

Richard W.

Excellent Presentation.

Weston W.

Thanks for offering your practical insight.

Marsha W.

Very informative program, and very well presented.

Thomas R.

Engaging presenters.

Matthew J. B.

Very helpful, basic guidance.

Richard C.

Very good presentation by both presenters.

Larry S.

Very well done.

Andrew G.

This was an extremely useful presentation. I am going to send a few emails to clients now.

Kelley O.

best course I have done on lawline

Jessica B.

Good program.

Mary F.

Excellent intro to employment law.

david z.


James R.

Good course on the many pitfalls of preparing a job listing, hiring, employee review, and firing.

Louis D.

As a managing partner who is directly involved in hiring and firing, this is a good, timely refresher on best practices to avoid problems.

Harry W.

Very well done seminar.

Wayne G.

excellent presenters - both

Deborah H.


John H.

Very good.

Paige C.

Excellent program! And very thorough materials. Well done!

Liza S.

Very information and PRACTICAL. Thank you!

Cecilia C.

Very helpful course.

Kim K.

Definitely one of the most practical and relevant courses i've taken in the last couple of months . . .kudos to this set of presenters1

Michael S.

One of the best programs I have seen. Excellent!!!

Anna H.

Touches on a lot of good details.

Lisa M.

super helpful practical tips

Michael H.

Excellent CLE, great job by the presenters.

Julian M.

Extremely interesting and informative.

Thomas G.

Outstanding and informative presentation.

Jeff A.

Good and specific information!

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