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An Attorney's Practical Guide to the Hiring, Management, and Termination of Employees

1h 3m

Created on September 27, 2019





Employment laws are continually evolving, as are employers' obligations toward their employees. In this program, Suzanne Herrmann Brock and James La Rocca, attorneys in Gibbons P.C.'s Employment and Labor Law Department, will walk through employer obligations at every stage of the employment process, offering guidance, and practical insights to help attorneys advise employers at every turn. 

Recent legislation, case law, and administrative guidance has made it increasingly challenging for employers to navigate the assortment of obligations they face. At just the beginning of the employment process, these obligations concern job posting requirements, permissible inquiries on job applications, background checks, pre-employment drug testing, and I-9 compliance. Post-hire, employers must be ready to effectively and properly manage their workforces to ensure productivity and minimize the risk of future litigation. When an employee's time with an employer comes to an end, employers must be prepared to support any decision to involuntarily terminate employment and safeguard their assets.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Discuss what information may be obtained and used at various stages in the hiring process
  2. Identify best practices for performance management and the repercussions of failing to address and document performance concerns in an effective and timely manner
  3. Establish guidelines for involuntary employment terminations and understand the options for reducing risk
  4. Develop policies and procedures that will help improve the employment hiring, management, and termination processes

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