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An Attorney's Guide to Non-Competition Agreements in Virginia


Created on October 28, 2019




Non-competition agreements and clauses continue to be a popular vehicle among employers seeking to retain talent and protect their resources. While restraints on trade are generally not favored in Virginia, the law on this topic continues to evolve, and employers and employees should be aware of the current trends when entering into a non-compete.

This course, presented by Rees Broome attorney Roya Vasseghi, will walk you through the evolution of law on non-competition agreements in Virginia and discuss trends in Virginia law on enforceability of non-competes.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Discuss the history of enforceability of non-competition agreements in Virginia
  2. Identify how these agreements are viewed by Virginia courts today
  3. Examine strategies for defending a non-competition agreement
  4. Challenge a non-competition agreement under Virginia law
  5. Apply best practices for drafting a non-competition clause that are likely to survive attack in Virginia courts

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