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An Attorney's Guide to Ethically Advising Start-Ups: 2020 Update

1h 14m

Created on March 26, 2020



The world of start-up companies is still a very exciting arena in which to practice. Any of your clients could be the next Mark Zuckerberg (although they probably won't be). In this specialized field where connections are everything, it can be difficult to discern which opportunities are ethically safe and which ones can land you in trouble.

This course, presented by Todd Kulkin, is designed to equip start-up attorneys, and those looking to enter the start-up world, with the tools needed to safely navigate the myriad of ethical quandaries inherent to this type of practice, and give your next start-up client their greatest opportunity for success.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify the unique challenges and opportunities of a start-up practice
  2. Recognize the ethical pitfalls surrounding the hunt for capital
  3. Determine if and when it is ethical to accept equity in your client's company
  4. Network on your client's behalf without creating conflicts of interest
  5. Advise at start-up events without exposing yourself to liability
  6. Represent competitors without causing issues with either client
  7. Maintain confidentiality within start-up culture
  8. Navigate the ethical minefield around consulting work for your clients 

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