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Amplifying & Leveraging the Perception of Risk in Settlement Negotiations


Created on February 22, 2021





In civil litigation, the number one driver of settlement agreements is the generation of risk, making settlement more attractive to both parties than trial. In this program, full-time litigators Elliot Kolodny and Dave Cohen of Cohen Kolodny Abuse Analytics, LLC will provide real world insights into the best means to resolve your cases through settlement negotiations and by appreciating and utilizing risk.

Plaintiffs attorneys will learn how to appreciate, balance, and leverage risk against the defense in order to push them towards a beneficial settlement. Defense attorneys will learn to identify their available defenses prior to and during settlement negotiations and avoid wasting their client's time and money at trial. Both sides will learn to be mindful of their client's needs during negotiations and apply risk management principles to their settlement strategy. 

This program will benefit all attorneys engaged in civil litigation. The presenters will use real-world examples and hypotheticals to help attorneys obtain the best results for their clients. 

Learning Objectives:

  1. Utilize the judo of risk in negotiating favorable settlements for your client
  2. Cultivate trust and relationships as critical commodities in dispute resolution
  3. Maintain a balance between zealous advocacy and stubbornness in resolving disputes and building your law practice 

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