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AML and Bank Secrecy Act: Complying with New Developments

1h 2m

Created on January 20, 2022





In this program, Rachel Maimin, Partner at Lowenstein Sandler, and Michael Rosensaft, Partner at Katten, will explore the monumental regulatory and legislative developments that were enacted in 2020 and the aggressive focus of law enforcement on money laundering violations. As legislators and regulators impose ever-increasing AML legal obligations on banks and businesses, it is essential that practitioners stay up to date on AML developments.  


Learning Objectives:

  1. Provide an overview of the AML Act of 2020

  2. Discuss beneficial ownership reporting

  3. Explore new AML obligations in the cryptocurrency industry

  4. Review possible regulation of NFTs

  5. Identify essential components of an AML compliance program

  6. Recognize AML enforcement trends

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